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    I need help! What to spend gift certificates from Amazon on!?!?!?!

    So from my birthday and christmas I have accumulated $195 worth of gift certificates. But what to spend it on!? LOL I could always go with protein, creatine, ect. ect. and I just might do that. But I was also wondering if there were any 'nifty' supplements that you all have found available...
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    Looking for Aqeous...

    ...Solutions. They have B12 by itself. Hey all Im back after having my computer down for a few months....this has sucked more than you know. Im dry on everything I need off the net LOL. But its good to be back and Ill be lurking.... Peace, Sphinx.
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    Ya Know What

    Ive actually just been talking to myself for the last two weeks! LOL Best conversation Ive ever had! HA! I dont know about the rest of these mooks but Ive been covering vacations at work and am fucking tired and tired of it! Sphinx.
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    Tren And Me

    LOL Yeah! Whats your question....:D Anyway, this makes me want to run a Tren cycle even more! Thats good to hear MW, I certainly hope you have a some one to relieve all that pent up sexual tension on....Thick maybe?! LOL s
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    sphinx' ex gf pics

    Ill dig some more up...I just got home (7pm) from going out last night....and I No offence taken, I think she might give you a good run for your money any day though! LOL S
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    sphinx' ex gf pics

    LOL Not untill I wring every thing I can get outa her! :D Then feel free...HA! S Ill send Cyn some more on Sun
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    Bob: Better ask Grizz what this is all about...

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    We've done this before. But we can do it again anyway...

    I dont give a shit. I grew up in Seattle in the 80' and 90's so gay-bob's are nothing new to me. Plus, I work in the optical business. I deal with Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Prada, Calvin Klein, ect. and have to try to match these frames to a shit load of women. LOL Funny thing, if I act a little...
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    sphinx' ex gf pics

    ROTFLMAO! Sorry! Yah the fat ho is a piece of wrk from what Ive heard. I thought that would be fun to post up! Dont worry yall! Ill send off another 'tub pic and get more now that she's in much better shape. S
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    sphinx' ex gf pics

    K' S
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    Height Max?

    I wonder what it could do for me...Im already 6.3!~ Seven feet!? S
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    sphinx' ex gf pics

    LOL Yeh I see that! I want to hear more than that! There is just a small patch of bubbles over her puss....Mmmmmmm... I just talked to her on the phone and she is going to get a Brazilian here in the near future...and I get to have fun with it! Hoo-Rah! LOL....Yes Ill get pics of that too...
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    sphinx' ex gf pics

    Yeah. I didnt take these pics! Im five hours away! LOL Either her roomate or she is taking the pics... Hey,,,check this out...So I tell her I am seeing this new chick....and guess what...those bathtub pics Ive been asking for GOT THEM! LOL She flirting with me again! LOL Oh so...
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    BK Mask Mass cool! LOL S
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    Now I'm bored!

    Negative, we make fun of CA's here! LOL S