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    INSULIN AND SYNTHOL (chime in ONLY from experience)

    The silica is what makes it different. Synthol is MCT, Silica and BA, there is no mystery to it. You folks on here are geniuses. Silica keeps the oil in the muscle longer. Continue texting and driving, you folks don't know any better.
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    INSULIN AND SYNTHOL (chime in ONLY from experience)

    All I can say is MOST people know nothing about synthol and what it does. They simply read some article and hear others say that its synthol. Those guys who look like morons or popeye looking are using something other than synthol. There is no way in the world someone on synthol can ever look...
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    I don't know if you guys have seen this video before, its called fake pharma: you can easily download it if you have access to usenet or some of those file sharing sites. I was looking at it lastnight and I was...
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    Needles and syringes

    Maybe this site will be of help to you when it comes to pinning.
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    How Much Can You Filter Through A 250ml Nalgene

    How do you even connect the capsule filters? What do you connect it to?
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    How Much Can You Filter Through A 250ml Nalgene

    I use a vacuum pump, I am not aware of filter capsules. Can you point me to where you purchase these so I can do some research on it. Thanks
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    quad pinning question

    I think it all depends on how much gear you are putting in. I have been using a 27g 5/8" for a long time and I pin pretty much every muscle I have excluding traps and forearms. If I am going to be pinning maybe 3+ml then I will use a 1" pin to get all the oil in deep. Other than that I just...
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    Filtering UGL gear

    I agree with you on this because when you look at pics of some of the busted labs out there it makes you really think. If people want to filter their brew that's a plus. Sources are only out there to make money, who in this world knows what they take into consideration when it comes to someone...
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    Testosterone Depot ??

    I don't think my pharmacy carries 1ml vials. I just asked the pharmacist yesterday about the status of what's going on with this shortage. Basically they only have the name brand and no one knows what's going on. I had to see my ologist yesterday for my six months check, he told me he could...
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    Testosterone Undecanoate recipe

    Has anyone brewed this one? If so, what is the highest concentration that you have brewed without it crashing? %BA/BB TIA
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    Testosterone Depot ??

    Are you serious? I thought it was something different. Right now there is some shortage when refilling scripts in my area, the pharmacy said that the manufactures are back ordered and nothing is coming in. I haven't had a script filled in months due to them never having any of the cyp, had to...
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    Testosterone Depot ??

    I am trying to find out the name of the test, is it undecanoate or something else. That is the info I am looking for.
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    Testosterone Depot ??

    When on TRT there are a few different brands of testosterone that is prescribed to a person. The generic brand being Watson from what I learned from a pharmacist. It was also mentioned there is a pharmaceutical grade brand called Testosterone Depot which is more expensive and costs a little...
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    Crashed Test Cyp

    I will have to agree with this. I tried at 300mg and it kept crashing at 2%/20%, I had to bump it down to 250mg/ml and it held at the 2%BA and 20%BB.
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    How Much Can You Filter Through A 250ml Nalgene

    Does anyone have any first hand experience with filtering more than 250? I have noticed that once you hit 100ml the filtration really slows down, as you get to 200 its crawling. I have read somewhere where other have filtered maybe 300 or so (I could be wrong). Thanks