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    Tunes! Tunage! Jams!

    Amon Amarth has some good stuff (metal). I'd say listen to Guardians of Asgaard or maybe Tattered banners and Bloody Flags if you've never heard them before. Maybe siegreicher marsch/victorious march.
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    Karius - ALP / BAL Lists -

    Its not nice to laugh at stupid people. Maybe we could donate to get them a middle school level tutor to clean up their grammar and reading comprehension.
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    "Kevin's" oxandrolone - mass spec indicates that it is only 39% pure. that's a link to the thread with the MS. Can't post it from my phone
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    USAspetz Domestic Source for FDA Pharma meds, Orals, Injectables, Raws and GH

    Are those results from @unixpro ? They look the same
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    USAspetz Domestic Source for FDA Pharma meds, Orals, Injectables, Raws and GH

    Yeah I saw the posts tearing the shit out of those mass spec results. Pretty interesting stuff.
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    European Pharmaceuticals

    Nothing but good things to say about this guy. Polite, quick responses, good packaging. His exemestane is good stuff. I had blood work done before and after to make sure. Haven't gotten blood work for the b12 yet because I lost my baseline labs for it, but it does seem to be working.
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    Karius - ALP / BAL Lists -

    IM could you tell me what forums you're on? I dont want anything to do with forums that allow an imbecile like you to run rampant.
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    What would should the underground be?

    Legally and ethically it would be murky waters. I wouldn't want the site to have any direct association with a source or money from them. I dont think I like sources in general. Anywhere really. I love what they do. I love gear. I just hate the attitude that comes with being "the guy". If they...
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    I would start here for basic info. I've been looking into dnp for awhile and that's some of the best info I've found. Can't speak to the site or the source though. DNP is scary stuff so try not to be in a rush.
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    Workout Routines

    I just finished running cube method with a couple partners. It was pretty decent and pushed my lifts up a little bit, but my friends lifts blew the fuck up on it. He was fairly new to lifting though, Dem natty gains are unreal. Next I'm looking to try hst or "gzcl method"...
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    Karius - ALP / BAL Lists -

    More evidence. You mean until more evidence is shown.
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    Karius - ALP / BAL Lists -

    You mistake faith for accepting evidence. There is evidence, presumptive evidence, of a failure. There is currently no evidence at all to the contrary. A mass spec should be done to verify the results and not a single person in this thread has disputed that.
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    Karius - ALP / BAL Lists -

    This thread is painful to watch. Its like watching people trying to argue with poo flinging monkeys at the zoo. Graniteman - please let the adults talk. You have nothing useful to contribute and are wrong at a 1to1 ratio with when you speak IM - We understand. You're super cool and a VIP...
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    Karius - ALP / BAL Lists -

    Post the photographs? Yes that's in the scoc. Videos? Nah. And I am biased. I'm biased towards the consumer because that's what I am in this game. Anyone who says they're unbiased is simply mistaken or lying. I think K should have a chance to investigate and gather more info, but I don't think...
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    Dunamis Labs

    No need to act tough on the internet man. Most of us are here for the same reasons and it isn't to look for a fight. You're using this shit for your reasons and there's no need to defend it. Do what you do and don't let it get to you so much.