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    So tired on anadrol

    This. Use doses that make you feel well and PERFORM better. If your performance is shit then it’s not worth pushing the dose imo
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    Thoughts on cycling after injury

    Wouldn’t hurt to keep a cruise dose in and then blast when you feel better.
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    Do Muscles Get Used To Crippling PIP???

    Yes. My quads never did though so I don’t pin them anymore
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    Early TRT decisions.

    I started my first cycle at 24 and then decided to cut it short and cruise. Stayed on for 6 months without blasting and then started another cycle. It’s definitely a lifestyle choice and i’d say unless your recovery cannot keep up with your optimized workout schedule, stay away.
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    Caber/Dostinex protocol?

    I usually just did 0.5mg monday and thursday and that keeps me covered especially with higher doses. I am also extremely prolactin sensitive.
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    Can you get withdrawal symptoms from abruptly lowering your test dosage?

    This doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with the test drop. With that said Ive only experienced faster fatigue when I dropped the test lower.
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    My Next Cycle - More Advanced - thoughts?

    This is a pretty aggressive cycle, especially throwing tren in towards the end. What are your goals? If you’re just bulking up i’d stay away from front loading and just kick start with an oral + drop the tren.
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    I Think I'm Balding! [emoji24]

    If you use finasteride never touch nandrolone.
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    How do you respond?

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    Using Anadrol Ocasionally

    No point unless you need the aggression from a high dose
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    Where else do you post that's not Meso??

    Why do you want to know OP :^]
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    Any input appreciated

    I personally get headaches from split dose anadrol. Taking it all at once pre workout works much better for me.
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    Blood pressure on cycle?

    I’m guessing it raised a few points also while you were writing this post. Try hawthorne berry and CoQ10 for heart health. Also, cialis at low doses (5-10mg) has been proven to help blood pressure.
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    Blood Work: High AST / ALT

    That’s not high at all
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    Bad gear and/or injection site infection

    SubQ or Intramuscular doesn’t matter. If it’s bad gear, you will get an infection either way. Hearing you didn’t properly prepare for injection immediately voids fault of the source. Also I’m unaware of this source but if they are not verified on SST or a legitimate forum, I wouldn’t buy from...