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    Kane.d3 and oscarswole banned for threatening to kill members

    AND YOU DONT ATTACK 'GENUINE' MEMBERS!!!!! What the fuck was that you just did to her? With you attacking her like that, I dont blame her for wanting to leave. You are one of the worst offenders on this board for pack mentality harassment. You and your 'crew' bring this board down to a new...
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    Death threats

    As much as I dont like you and you probably brought that on yourself, nobody should have to deal with death threats. :mad:
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    Dbol - longest time?

    20mg ed, split doses, 4 weeks. I dont believe in taking huge dosages.
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    Change DBOL to NPP

    350-400 is perfect.
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    First Cycle - Test E

    were you able to get that back no trouble? To be fair and honest, I dont have any experience with torem. I have had experience with clomid and nolva so of course I will say I know those work very well.
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    first cycle

    The best thing you can do is to strengthen them first so you dont need to worry later. I dont buy into supplements too much, I think it's a bunch of hoowee to get your money....mostly. some of it has it's function. you could try using glucosamine chondroitin and see if that helps, but I dont...
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    first cycle

    Fair enough.
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    Is it really PIP or are u just a bitch?

    Post injection pain.
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    AlphaGear Source

    It means a hell of a lot to anyone who has been around a while and recognizes their names. No, I'm not friends of theirs, but I have been around just as long as they have and I will take their word over the likes of you and your butties anyday.
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    I tried insulin ONCE. I broke the bottle after I recovered from my hypoglycemic state. That shit is nothing to play with. I have been doing a lot of reading up on HGH lately and from what I have read, insulin blunts the GH effects, so why on earth would you bother to take such an expensive...
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    first cycle

    I call this being a hypocrit. You use, who are you to tell someone else they cant? At 35, his natural levels are declining anyway, so he will never be the same man he was 'back then'. OP the normal first cycle is 400-500mg a week of Testosterone. Short esters need more frequent shots, such...
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    Is it really PIP or are u just a bitch?

    IDK, it used to be prop being bitched about. Seems like these days, its enanthate. I've never had too severe of an issue with either one. I stopped using long esters about 5 years ago tho, so maybe I just dodged a bullet.
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    Some interpret this blood work for me?

    you admit to being a stalker.. nice. I bet the police would like to know that. You ex's have restraining orders against you... this would be excellent evidence against you. Keep going..... I love printscreen.
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    Some interpret this blood work for me?

    and Jim, stop giving wrong information. Dehydration will effect his creatinine levels.. stop pretending to be a doctor.