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    Anyone Here On Medium Dose T For Long Cycles?

    Personally I've cruised at 200mg/week. Gains come a little slower but they do come. I've also pushed EQ and NPP at same time to 600mg/week for 12-16 weeks. Obviously gains are a little better.
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    Anyone familiar with ARL (Anabolic Russian Labs)?

    Used them a couple months ago. After the issue they had. Thought it had to do with a bad shipper or something?? I might be wrong. Stuff came quick. I was surprised cause it's international. No complaints on quality!
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    Agressive Labs

    Let me help you out:
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    Agressive Labs

    I got a front row seat!!
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    Current thoughts on Sub Q test?

    Agreed!! Although "bumps go away quickly" is up for debate!
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    Questions about my upcoming cycle/ difference in gains between 500/mg a week and 800mg/week READ PL

    Why not throw in some tren in place of the deca? Much more anabolic than deca and you wouldn't have to extend your cycle to reap the benefits?? Of course sides are always a concern, but not for everyone!
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    mikestrong - BACK AGAIN! INTL & USD Source (For VIPs)!

    Haha, actually for a couple of friends but yes, some stockpiling, you never know in this biz!!
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    mikestrong - BACK AGAIN! INTL & USD Source (For VIPs)!

    Got my pack today, love the packaging!! Delivery was quick! Strong Gear by Unleashed posted Sep 2, 2014 at 8:17 PM
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    best steroids/stack for joint repair and healing

    Here's some research:
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    need info

    Guess that t-400 shot was a waste!! Good luck..............
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    Life on the road isn't all it' s cracked up to be. Did it a few years back in midwest when work got slow. Although it isn't great now. Barely getting a consistent 40!! Good luck!!
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    WOW, didn't realize that many brothers were into AAS!!! LOL
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    [USASpetz] [Test P] - [labmax] - [2014/08] [PumpingIron22]

    Is it my imagination or does the Test P look like the Test E??
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    legit source ive used hate that this is my second post but take what I say for what its worth

    LOL!! Great thread, enjoyed the thrashing of brokenhawk!! Nice stand up response from Superior too!! Might be worth a look?!?!
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    Let the Flaming begin......Turinabol only?

    Since both the Var and Tbol will shut you down and you'll probably lose any gains you might achieve, would it be to your advantage to use pct throughout the cycle to keep some Test flowing and possibly keep some of the gains??? Not sure how/ if it would work?? Any body chime in with some...