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    Bad PIP Test E, can I recook & fix it

    Were you ever able to figure out what the issue with the test e raws was?
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    sterilizing bottle top dispenser

    I know most are gonna choke in and say to get an autoclave or pressure cooker. I’d be curious too, though, to know if anyone has a dry heat sterilization way to sterilize, much like using the oven to sterilize glassware
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    HGH - Domestic USA

    Bump for other replies. I just bought a bunch and curious if this is an issue with other kits
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    Filtering taking FOREVER

    Not new to brewing or to the filtration unit I’m using, but I’m dumbfounded. Using an all glass (w/ stainless steel filter disk) filtration unit and 90mm Durapore hydrophilic membrane filter. I can normally filter a liter of cottonseed oil solution in about 3 hours. however the last several...
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    Question re: IGF testing

    1. didn’t do a baseline, first mistake 2. He took the 2iu bolus dose after workouts in the early evening, but (again) only every other day...second mistake IMO 3. Whoever his coach is told him to do that, 3rd mistake lol That really odd scheduling on such a low dose is the first thing I seized...
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    Question re: IGF testing

    I’ve had two friends in the last two weeks test their igf levels using some pretty well known generics. Both were on very different protocols, however one came back oddly low and I’m curious to know if anyone can explain why it might have been. Person A: 5iu gh daily, bolus dose post workout on...
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    What are the biggest dangers of TRT?

    My two cents, I think an elevated hematocrit is probably the most pressing issue of long term ACTUAL hrt.
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    The end of steroids in China? New law in 2020

    I agree there are other possible scenarios. I’m just wondering how much time will be in between China cutting off the supply and these sources setting up shop elsewhere
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    The end of steroids in China? New law in 2020

    Chinese laws ARE somewhat draconian. Fentanyl is also been added to the banned list, and rightfully so. But it seems steroids have become an unwitting casualty of the new banned substances list. Raws sources are saying the shipping companies are saying they’re going to refuse to ship these...
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    The end of steroids in China? New law in 2020

    Translate to English: 最高人民法院发布《关于审理走私、非法经营、非法使用兴奋剂刑事案件适用法律若干问题的解释》(附全文)
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    The end of steroids in China? New law in 2020

    Two raw sources have emailed me, and there is a discussion going on at ProM. It looks like the Chinese government has added steroids, sarms and gh to their list of banned substances and raws suppliers are saying shipping companies in China are refusing to ship any of those products starting Jan...
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    The end of steroids in China? New law in 2020

    Anyone else researching this? As of Jan 2020, China has added steroids, sarms and hgh on their lists of banned substances, and raws sources are saying companies will no longer willingly ship them to the USA...
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    Labmax results.

    The only reason you wouldn't trust the Simec tests is because you're too lazy or afraid to simply email Simec, or have Millard do it, because you're afraid to be proven wrong.
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    Labmax results.

    I'm not quite sure what my name is doing in there. Yes, I was completely clear in that Simec tested EG test enth raws I purchased to be over 103% pure, I've made a thread on here about just that. They later tested EG tren ace raws I purchased to be over 100% pure. And I was clear that jano...
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    Real Atlas labs

    Lol it won't be very suspect at all. Either he attempted to lie and got caught, so he changed his story, or he was misunderstood from the moment he posted my Simec test. A quick search of my name will yield results showing I asked multiple questions in weeks prior about how to send to Simec...