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    Is HPTA recovery long and difficult after 7 years on hrt?

    Started at 25 mg ED and then to 12.5, it will stay in your system a long time after stopping, I think I saw elevated LH and FSH levels for 8 weeks after stopping
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    Is HPTA recovery long and difficult after 7 years on hrt?

    There is theory and practical, I tried all kinds of different restarts. Everyone who has posted is right along the same thought process I am. This is what I did; ran HCG every third day getting labs every 2 weeks, I used private labs MD, cheap and I had my result back in 24 hours, get the female...
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    Help with SHBG question and Armour

    I've been on Armour 2 grains for quite a while, I did a restart last year which seemd to stick, 7 months out and my labs looked good total t was hoovering in the mid 600 range and as high as 700 estradiol typically in the 25-30 range, but was 37 when my TT was 700. The sensitive test always...
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    Encouraging words

    good luch getting a concrete answer about the PCT, I've asked a bunch of times so I will follow this thread to see if it comes through. The way I understand it (Scalley pct) is you take the HCG every other day 2500 ius, for six shots, after the sixth shot get labs to see if your testis are...
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    TRT causing ice cold balls!

    HCG helps with that and some guys seem to have not issues at all on just TRT alone, wish I was that way, typical dose is twice a week .250 ius the day before your shot if you are injecting twice a week. HCG wasn't enough for me or at least it didnt seem like it was. Labs would also help but for...
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    TRT causing ice cold balls!

    you mean they are actually cold or shriveled up like you just jumped into a cold lake? If this is the case its probably you levels are too high or your thyroid isn't keeping your body temp where it should be. In my case it was a combination of both. Your testis produce more than testestosterone...
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    What is the Current Trend of Doctors Prescribing Long-term clomid

    I think its a combination of both, some respond well to low doses, I responded to 12.5 a day, Ithink when you get to the higher doses (50mg and up) you start seeing side effects
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    What is the Current Trend of Doctors Prescribing Long-term clomid

    Actually its pretty common, most docs will prescribe 12-25mgs a day or 25mgs every other day, Nolvadex is also being used by docs as well for the same purpose, this is not as common.
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    About Dr. Mariano

    My reply was directed at the doc who is usually vague in such matters. I'm pretty certain I explained what Dr. M did for me 'Slight adjustments to my nutrition, thryroid prescription and adding in an iron supp as well as consuming iron rich foods ie liver, internal organs and lots of red meat...
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    About Dr. Mariano

    With all due respect Doc. there arent many people that discuss their treatment specifically. I will divulge what other docs failed to look at, this includes Dr. Crisler as well as another well know doc on this site that I did a phone consult with. Both of these docs baically said that I was fine...
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    A break from TRT - Is PCT needed? (Coupled with a recommendation for HCG)

    Doc. after the 5-6 injection what are you looking for? A certain level ot TT and if so what level. I'm assuming this is to determine if the testicles are working and of so what is the next step, clomid, nolva to restart?
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    About Dr. Mariano

    I am a patient of his, I started seeing him in October after several failed attempts with other "high profile" doctors. Like you I was a difficult case or at lleast I thought I thought I was only to discover later that it wasn't that diificult the other doctors I saw just werent looking very...
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    What the hell can we actually drink!!??

    Doctor Mariano not only suggests drinking milk but whole milk and raw if you can get it. As a society we have screwed with food too much by trying to make it better and in turn we've made it worse, by pasturizing it, kills all thats good for you. With that being said I found a dairy locally that...
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    My triptorelin log for secondary hypogonadism

    I did Triptorelin back in April of last year, it worked for a while but after a month and a half or so I came back down. My suggestion would be to get everything else inline and then attempt a restart byt everything I mean your weight, excercise regimen, diet, Vit D, iron, thyroid and anything...
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    Stick it out or come off.... need to make a decision

    AGREED!!!!!! Few days on testosterone cyp that I felt like a million bucks, once in a while but definitely not 100% of the time