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    Distended belly.

    Go up to the drug profile section under "fat loss" and read Bill Robert's very interesting rundown on "Telmisartan"....available btw through Allday Chemist.
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    Questions needed: "Ask Bill Roberts" column

    Just read the article on time between cycles. Since natural test level recovery is the main goal, what does that mean for guys on TRT who aren't looking for recovery? Is lipid normalization or RBC count the standard then? Obviously we need some time off but what are the milestones?
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    Way off topic, but if you want to watch some "good beatin' upin..." check out Charles Bronson in "Hard Times". makes "Rocky" look like a pillow fight.
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    Mixing Question HCG no vial included

    Amps are usually considered single doses, and come with sterile saline and not Bac water. Use Bac water if you expect to spread use out over several weeks.
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    When did shoulders being larger than pecs become in?

    Many people have likened bodybuilding to sculpting the body as an artist would sculpt clay. Unfortunately there are good artists and there are bad artists.
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    Who is your Favorite FEMALE bodybuilder

    I lean old school m'self. How about Anja Langer and Lori Bowen? Went to the Arnold once and saw a number of gals up close that I thought were hot. Pretty scary, and not in a good way.
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    Hot midget bodybuilder

    She's a cutie alright, although I wouldn't know whether to hit on her, or lure her into my van with candy.
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    Wife wanting to take var

    Seems like it would almost be worth while for someone to specialize in providing legit Var and not bother with anything else.
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    HCG Ampule Question.

    Make sure to use Bac water instead of the sterile saline that comes with it. It will last longer.
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    Energy Drinks

    It probably doesn't affect everyone negatively, but caffeine will constrict the blood vessels in the extremities which isn't exactly sex friendly.
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    Went for physical today

    It's probably pretty bad advise to suggest you self medicate, so I won't do that. But several of the overseas pharmacies sell Rx BP meds (cheap). Of course, Cialis will drop your BP also.
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    The Myth of the Nazi Steroid

    Steve got some world class PIP though....
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    Karius - ALP / BAL Lists -

    Since we're killing time: Shaved or hairy?
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    alldaychemist users click here

    All Day Chemist used to send parcels wrapped in cloth and hand sewn shut. None I got ever looked tampered with, amazingly enough. Talk about red flags.
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    Double you $$$ in 6 months

    Not holding you to it, but what would you project a single $187 unit would net in a month? Might be worth it as a conversation piece. "Hey baby, wanna come check out my Litecoin mine?"....