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    La Pharma?

    Anyone tried La Pharma before? is this good brand? (especially for tren ace and test prop?)
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    Which Labs Do Yyou Recommend For This Products

    Whats wrong this thereads? im not full time steroid user Is it too easy to insult someone on keyboard or from another country right? Ah Never mind Thanks to everybody who helped me seriously
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    Which Labs Do Yyou Recommend For This Products

    i can only find sustanon and primo from pharmacy and i didnt buy any drug from undergroud labs before. Thats why i ask which undergroud labs are good. But some people too smart for understand this By the way, if you buying your drugs from walmart, eatAdick.fu., making love with guys, or making...
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    Which Labs Do Yyou Recommend For This Products

    Hi I live in Turkei (Turkey) and I'm planning test propionate (and / or enanthate ) and nandrolone phenylpropionate (NPP ) cycle. Which lab's products do you recommend for this drugs ???
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    Letrozole or Tamoxifen For Gyno (while HGH)?

    I just finish my last cycle's PCT and waiting for blood tests. This is my 8th week of HGH, i will use 8-9 months total and i will go aas cycle at the end of the 3rd month.
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    Letrozole or Tamoxifen For Gyno (while HGH)?

    Hi First of all sorry for my bad English. I have little gyno from my childhood (sharp nipple kind) and im on 2iu/day HGH now and my nipples start to be sensitive. To reverse or prevent that, which drug is good for me?
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    I want to start HGH But I am Scared (Blood Tests Included)

    Hello, I want to start using HGH (2 iu/day) in my PCT for fat loss and for my next cycle. My father beat prostate cancer and i really freak out about cancer :) I did add (and translate to Eng.) my PRE Cycle blood tests in the attachment. SO i think i dont have a cancer :D But, do i need another...
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    My PCT Are Good For This Cycle?

    You mean "weeks" i think :) Thanks
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    My PCT Are Good For This Cycle?

    Hi :) Ok. i will do 4 weeks PCT and wait 1 or 2 weeks then blood test. :) My total testosterone is: 4.8 ng/mL in my pre cycle blood test. By the way, i have another question about HGH and cancer. Can i ask you too?? THANKS :)
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    My PCT Are Good For This Cycle?

    Hi Dr :) I did lab tests before my cycle. So i will go PCT for 4 weeks then 1 week after lab tests again??? And i have a another questions about using HGH (and cancer) while in PCT. Can i ask you here? @Burrr : yes i did 4 weeks and looks work in the past but i dont do blood tests before :(...
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    My PCT Are Good For This Cycle?

    Hi I am little confused about my pct. My current cycle is: Sustanon 500/week + Primobolan 600/week (plus HCG 500iu/week) for 16 weeks. My PCT will be like this: PCT (18 days after last injection): Week 1-4: clomid: 50+50+25+25 mg Week 1-4: Nolvadex : 40+20+20+20 mg Week 1-4: TUDCA 500mg (i did...
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    Question About HGH Dose in My Cycle (Short Version :))

    Hi I’m on my 3rd cycle and when i finish this cycle, i want to start to use HGH at the end of pct for mass and fat loss.(combining with 4th AAS cycle) I will start 2 iu/day for first 2 months, after that, i will go my 4th cycle (12 weeks sust+primo or deca + dianabol ) and i will increase the...
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    Im Starting My 3rd Cycle But I Have A Question About HGH For My 4th Cycle Already

    Hi everybody, IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need a 2017 calendar to answer this question :D It can be complicated bcs of my bad english :) First of all, my current cycle is 500 sustanon + 600 primo for 14-16 weeks. ANd Im thinking to add HGH for my next (4th) cycle and i am reading threads about HGH...
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    How Long Does Bacteriostatic Water Last for Once Opened. With and Without HCG

    Hi I have 30 ml Bac Water (rubber stopper) from Hospira. But i need 5ml for each HCG batch. If i store my bac water in refrigerator, how long can i use opened bac water itself? Some people says its lasts 3 months, others a year. Im confused :) And After reconstituting HCG with bac water, it will...
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    Question About Weekly Injection Timing

    OK. thanks :) Then i will go like that: Monday: 250mg Sustanon+200mg primo + 250iu hcg (subq) Tuesday Wednesday: 200mg primo (Delt) Thursday Friday: 250mg Sustanon+200mg primo + 250iu HCG (subq) Saturday Sunday ok??????????