1. Tom

    Roids Test Kit on Testosterone Cypionate from AASraw.com

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  3. Tom

    20190904 Reports from Lab4Tox on Boldenone Undecylenate/Equipoise and Testosterone Sustanon

  4. Tom

    AASraw Testo Prop testing report by Lab4Tox--20190822

  5. Tom

    No Extortionist Threats Made Against AASRAW

    Statement No Extortionist Threats Made Against AASRAW till now. Our server is handled by an US owned international company and without data leaking. All clients' information was deleted regularly and the related hardware will be damaged in a period. Clients' security is more than anything...
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    AAS Lorcaserin HCL testing report by Lab4Tox

  7. Tom

    Important news: one Chinese famous raw source shut down

    Guys, We got an confirmed news that one Chinese famous raw sources who also made finished oils/tablets/capsules in China was with shut down issues. The detailed names is not better from my mouth. My suggestion is To check your source whether they works or not. Try to check your parcel whether...
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    AASraw.com raw material analysis by ChemTox--June 29th, 2019

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    Drostanolone/Masteron Propionate Testing report from a Spain client by ChemTox

    More testing papers coming soon
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    AASraw.com HGH analysis by Janoshik--June 1st, 2019

  11. guyzcool

    Giving Blood on cycle w/ High BP

    As of recently on this cycle I have noticed my BP is higher than it normally is, normally even on cycle I am around 110/70, but recently it has been 130/70 and often as high as 160/100. My current cycle was Test E 600 mg/wk, Tren A 300 mg/wk, Winny 75 mg/day (been off of this for about 3-4...
  12. guyzcool

    Accutane interactions w/ aas

    So, maybe some of you know accutane is the "best" acne treatment on the market. Supposed to be permanent. I went through 5 months of accutane BEFORE I stated aas. Fast forward about a year and a half now my acne is back. I have no doubt it has to do with the aas. I just started my next round of...
  13. guyzcool

    Mct oil vs Sunflower oil PIP

    So I've got two bottles of test, one made with mct, one made with sunflower oil. One of themy causes a shit ton of pip the other does not. I have no idea which is which, any input would be great! My supplier is helping sending more of the one without pip.
  14. guyzcool

    Masteron Enthanate vs Masteron P

    I've never run master one before but ur seems like a very appealing drug for my next cycle. It seems that mast E is in limited supply and sometimes 80+$, but it is dosed at 250mg/mL where mast p is 100-150 mg/mL. I was looking into molecular weight of mast e, but only found it for mast p (304 46...
  15. guyzcool

    Blood drive... REPORTS TO AUTHORITIES?!

    Please read the attached file. So some background... so I signed up for a blood drive at my college today. I figured why not.. well I'm running test e @500 mg/wk for the last few weeks. On the paper I was given it said that "abnormal blood tests with be reported to the authorities", now this is...
  16. guyzcool

    Raw powders

    So, from what I know, which Is very little, you use raw powder mix that shit with oil and put it in a jar, then you stab yourself with a needle and inject it. We know injection is the fastest way to get something into your blood stream, #2 is smoking. So here is my proposition tell me what you...
  17. guyzcool

    AAS use in Modeling

    We have all heard the saying that anyone who uses their body for money is on some sort of PED or AAS. I want you guys' opinions on this. I've always kinda wanted to be an underwear model as it can pay well. Do any of you know of instances of specific aas testing in the modeling industry. I don't...
  18. guyzcool

    UGL and Pharma Grade

    I personally rely on UGL gear, I want to know if anyone gets Pharma grade for cycles, and I'm not talking TRT, but actual cycles. Because I don't think it's possible, but if it is, that's cool, but I want to see a percentage per say on how many people actually have access to Pharma Grade gear...
  19. guyzcool

    HGH for healing

    I've done a little bit of reading on this, and I know HGH is a huge controversy out there in the real world, but with a pro foot ball player taking HGH for a neck injury it peaked my curiosity. What's your guys opinions on this?? For me, it would be used in my shoulder. I was diagnosed with MDI...
  20. guyzcool

    Performance on anabolics.

    I've never had a huge competition before while on anabolics. I am currently taking testosterone enanthate 500 mg/wk for 10 wks. So my competition is is actually 2 weeks after my last Injection. So my last injection is wed. The 4th of may, and my competition ends on may 21st. So my question is...