1. West31

    Olympia solutions?

    Anyone have experience with this source?
  2. gacela

    Where to buy oil carriers in europe?

    Hi, I came to ask where I could buy an oil like grapeseed, to cut AAs, it is only to lower the concentration of a product so I am not interested in buying large quantities, and for example medlab, it would cost me more shipping costs 100 USD, so I asked for an online oil store in Europe so that...
  3. GFitKing2

    How much HCG do you like to run on cycle?

    Hey Meso, I want tot discuss with you guys - what do you guys like to run your HCG dosage on cycle ? I usually do 500 I.U. however at that dosage every time I pin - 1 day later gyno flares are crazy. So I have lowered it to 125 iu every 3 days instead of 250 and its been controllable. Is that...
  4. M

    WWE's Undertaker Was Juiced To The Gills Back In 2004

    hey guys its my first time here i was looking at some of the old wwe videos on wwe network cuz i'm a huge taker fan and probably most of you who found this thread are as well and i found this one match he had against booker t at judgement 2004 but i'm not here to talk about the match, what i...
  5. RoidyNoob

    Long Term Testosterone/AAS Use Causes Hyperplasia?¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I was listening to this scientist ( specialized in sports and sports meds) who works with IFFB Pro Ben Pakulski, saying that long term test use can cause hyperplasia in muscle. He didn't expand on it, if I remember correctly. What do you guys think? I thought only through growth hormone, growth...
  6. Infidel141

    how many of you are honest with your doctor about your aas usage?

    Just wondering how many of you are honest with your doctor about your aas usage? If so were they supportive in monitoring your usage? I'm in the US btw.
  7. P

    Keifei Oxybol 50

    So I decided to try some Anadrol alongside Test E for my next cycle. I have acquired Oxybol 50 by Keifei labs, I’ve found it difficult to find genuine orals so has anyone had any experience with this lab? There are 5 strips of tablets in the box with 10 tablets in each strip so 50 per box. Each...
  8. VasodiL8

    Educational pointers

    Hello lads, Im a new face here and still getting to grips with it so bare with me. This is also my first post. 25yo with some experience in using AAS. Dont plan on running another cycle until im fully confident and clued up on the spectrum of effects of different compounds as well as learning...
  9. A

    First Cycle @ 21

    Age: 21 Height: 6'3" Weight: 210lb Gym Experience: 4-5 yrs Goals: to get bigger. Lifting is my main hobby. And minimize / eliminate the risk of permanent fertility / HPTA damage (with proper PCT and using hCG) Cycle: Wk1-12 Test E 500mg/wk hCG 500iu/wk Wk 1-14 Arimidex 0.25mg EOD PCT: (14...
  10. P

    Here's my cycle, how long for hcg to work

    Ok guys so this is my shortest cycle ever to date, only 12 weeks; Weeks 1-5 Test prop 150mg eod + NPP 90mg eod Weeks 6-8 Test prop 120mg eod (dropped test as experienced some unilateral nipple sensitivity, corrected with tamoxifen for 2 weeks) + NPP 100mg eod Weeks 9-12: Test prop 120mg eod...
  11. P

    Alliance Healthcare Pakistan

    As far as I am aware this is an UGL based in Pakistan it is not the true Alliance Healthcare pharma company based in U.K. Got some prop amps, anyone had any experience with their gear, is it g2g?
  12. P

    Gen Pharma legit?

    Got a few vials of Test P recently from a lab called Gen Pharma, did my 3rd shot today of 130mg, running 130mg eod. Haven't noticed much yet but to be fair normally takes 1-2 weeks , maybe slight increase in libido. Has anyone ever used this lab before, is it legit/any good??
  13. RoidyNoob

    Potential muscle building Drugs/Meds at the pharmacy?

    Hey everyone, So im doing a little study for myself, of all the pharmaceutical drugs that hinder muscle growth or could potentially do so or even be considered doping. Aside from all the serms, anabolic steroids and amphetamines, what is there more...? I'm about to finish a 5-6 month Raloxifene...
  14. guyzcool

    Unexpected tren results?

    On this current cycle, I am (was) running: Winny 75mg/day (been off that for a bit now) Test e 600mg/wk Tren a 300mg/wk Tren&test no Ester 75/100mg respectively 2x a week. Just a little bit after I stopped taking the winstrol I started taking accutane for acne. I've had 3 blood tests so far...
  15. J

    Thyroid function and AAS

    Fellas, I am looking at running a standard 10 week cycle and have some concerns regarding my thyroid. I have Hypothyroidism (low T4 count) and currently take 112 mcg of Levothyroxine. My question is what will the effect, if any be on my thyrooid function and should I refrain from running...
  16. M

    SLAP Tear in Right Shoulder

    As I was preparing to go on my first cycle I have a small accident where I happened to tear my labrum, get fusion fluid in the area & a small cyst. Long story short I fell & broke my fall with my arm, no dislocation just severe pain. Got X-rays & an MRI only to find this out, now I'm being told...
  17. 213

    new to the board, glad to be here:

    what's up folks- newbie here. 25, 6'0', 230lbs @ 28% bf, working on it. currently 1 hour of fasted cardio 5x/week. PPL 2x/week. 2400 kcal- 220p 200c and 70f (bmr ~2000kcal, tdee 2800kcal) considering a PSMF because I respond well to low-carb dieting/have had success with it in the past...
  18. Tom

    How to test the purity and quality of DECA raw material?

    Nandrolone Decanoate contains not less than 97.0 percent and not more than 103.0 percent of C28H44O3 , calculated on the dried basis. Packaging and storage— Preserve in tight, light-resistant containers, and store in a refrigerator. USP Reference standards 11 — USP Nandrolone RS .USP...
  19. guyzcool

    T-bol for strength gains...

    With your experience how does T bol compare to var/winny for strength gains? I want a low aromatizing oral, but how does it compare to var and winny? I'll be running test with it and that's all.
  20. RomanEmpire25

    New to Meso

    Hey im new to Meso. Seemed like a good place with reliable people willing to help however they can. I'm 5'8 and weigh 174, more on the lean side lol. Been training for 5 years. I have ulcerative colitis (autoimmune disease that affects large intestine), so I often use AAS to help me gain weight...