1. T

    Sweating out of control (Tren Cycle)

    I’m 28 and I live in a desert, however even during this time of year, if I even throw a “low dose of tren” in a cycle, it’s insane how much I sweat. I’ve ran several AAS cycles, this is only my second one with Tren and while i know for a fact I’m never going anywhere near Tren as soon as the...
  2. Nicolaus

    Acne Prone Individuals, What’s the best Cycle?

    Hi everyone, Which steroid compounds have you found to be the least problematic in terms of acne? Dosage and frequency? Thank you all
  3. Powerlift12

    Severe Acne Help :(

    Hi, Not sure if this has already been discussed. I suffer from sever acne, at this point I am literally almost covered from head to toe. Not only is it unappealing but it's extremely painful. I have always had mild acne but since being on aas it has progressively gotten worse. I expected an...
  4. fitstitch112

    Dexamethasone for acne

    I finished up one of my best tren cycles I've ever done. Had almost zero sides except from the night sweats. Have been done that cycle for about 6 weeks now and back to my regular trt cruise. I am experiencing some cycstic acne and increased regular pimple breakouts along my neck line just...
  5. G

    Coming off MENT weird sides

    Ok so normally I like to cycle with just test cyp 500 and MENT 50eod. I keep the test throughout the entire cycle obviously but I don't keep the MENT just because the long term consequences aren't well known. Anyway whenever I discontinue the MENT my acne breaks out in full force all over my...
  6. J


    What's up? I haven't used any gear in 5 yrs because on my last cycle I got acne on my chest and back soo fuckin bad!! I still have the scars. Back then, I wasn't as informed about steroids as I am now, it was basically my first real cycle. Then I was using tren, anadrol, test, and some deca...
  7. G

    Acne out of control

    So I've been on cycle for about 3 and a half months now. Throughout the beginning of my cycle I had no acne problems. Then it all of a sudden started getting bad but I was able to control it and get it back to normal. Now all of a sudden it's just completely fucking out of control again and I...
  8. G

    Steroid acne remedies

    So throughout middle school and high school I always had moderate acne and at a couple of points during wrestling season it would turn to severe. Years later it seems to have subsided and then recently when I started my first steroid cycle I was extremely worried that it would come back. However...
  9. Tootaboo


    Hi everybody I hope somebody can help me with this question. I have a lady friend who is taking low dosage NPP and is starting to show sides (voice cracking and some acne). She stated with 15mg twice a week and went up to 20mg a week ago and sides started to show. We know NPP has a short ester...
  10. FutureMrO

    Acne after cycle

    hey dudes!! So Iv been off since march when i say off I mean that's then my pct finished nolvadex 40/40/20/20. When I was on cycle I ran test E at 500 a week with arimidex at 1mg a week and only had little to no acne on my back! Towards the end of the cycle and on pct my back started getting...
  11. G

    Acne Advice

    Hey, So a girl that I know is having some trouble with acne. She's done two cycles of var, and after this last one which lasted about 8 weeks she's had some acne that's stuck around and it's been 10 weeks since then. It's not nearly as bad as it was and they aren't huge zits by any means...
  12. madeinengland91

    Acne solutions

    hey guys, Just come off cycle and started pct on Monday this week. Since Monday I've had a pretty bad outbreak of spots on my chest back and shoulders. Never really been an issue before but it's kind of annoying when you get in shape then look shite in a tank. Any solutions for acne control...
  13. Nicolaus

    Accutane and HPTA shutdown

    Hello, Has anyone taken accutane long term/ or even short term and have experienced permanent ED, and low testosterone (bloodwork) even after cessation of the medication? If so, were you ever able to find out the cause? Any MRI conducted? Could accutane possibly affect the pituitary? Not...
  14. FutureMrO

    Acne on pct

    hey guys :) I'm on my last week on pct and have got some acne on my back little bits on my back and they're little red ones but lots of them around my lats delts ect, Also have a little on my face. My balls are feeling okay not as good as I was on cycle but definitely not 100% recovered I can...
  15. FutureMrO

    Acne on test e

    hey dudes I did a test cycle just started pct today and Iv got some back acne and a little bit on my face anyone else had something like this and anything that got rid of it??
  16. primus

    Arimidex helping acne?

    Can estrogen control help with acne breakouts while on cycle? I'm not prone to gyno or hair loss at all but acne is the one that gets me. Luckily none on my face, mostly on my back then a little on shoulders and chest. Family history of back acne. I've had back acne since teens and I'm...
  17. S

    Test E to Prop Acne??

    Hey guys, have just run 10 weeks of Test E with no problems at all with acne besides maybe a few small spots here and there. I have had some acne through my teens and early 20s but nothing too serious. I have just started 100mg prop eod to finish off my cycle for 2 weeks. I am 2 shots in and...
  18. T

    finished my first cycle. advice please

    im at 5-9 180lbs. 10% bf. I finished my 1st cycle in feb. did test e 500 per week 12 weeks. gained some pretty good results but i had to change sources in the middle of the cycle. my test didnt really kick in till like week 5 so it wasnt good till i got it from my second source. mid cycle...