1. Captain Steve Rogers

    Blood work — test E, anavar, arimidex

    I always see posts with people asking how much AI to take, and those posts always get the same response — get your bloods checked! I know this, because in years past I’d be the one searching it haha! So I thought I’d show you my intra cycle bloods to drive home the importance of knowing your...
  2. VVV

    Increase Endogenous Testosterone/Fertility

    Suppose you're not 20 any more but would like to raise your own T, for all the obvious reasons but you don't want to go TRT and shut down everything iow you'd like to maintain fertility, etc, pp. Would a reasonable dose of T plus HCG work best? I mean I see a lot of 'users' with lots of...
  3. M

    15 days into the Sustanon only cycle so far experience

    02.02.2019 - first injection sustanon 250 mg (morning) 02.02.2019 - 0.25mg arimidex 04.02.2019 - 0.25mg arimidex 06.02.2019 - 0.25mg arimidex 06.02.2019 - sustanon 250mg (evening) 08.02.2019 - 0.25mg arimidex 10.02.2019 - 0.25mg arimidex 10.02.2019 - sustanon 250mg (morning) 12.02.2019 - 0.25mg...
  4. W

    Test E/Mast E/Adex Low Energy, Dizzy

    Hey guys, 31, 5’ 9”, 195lbs, 9% bf, second cycle here. I am currently running 500mg Test E/week 400mg Mast E/week .25mg arimidex EOD 2iu HGH/Day Im in week 4 and currently feeling very low energy, dizzy, nauseous, and anxious. I was initially taking more Adex, but I crashed my E2 because of...
  5. A

    4 year cruise and pct log

    I been cruising on 4 years of test e and I really need to come off because of life situations and I will be posting bloods and using @pharmacist for pct products and I will trying this pct from @ApeShitFuckJacked on the comprehensive guide to pct thread Which looks like: HCG 2000iu E3D for 14...
  6. K

    Erection issues on 300mg test

    I am on 300 mg a week pretty much year round come off for 3-4 weeks once or twice a year. i have read about every thread here on ed problems and I keep readin to use arimidex cause estro is to high. But I’m puzzled as this seems not to help me ( I may have gone straight to crashing) prior to...
  7. G

    What's causing my bloat/stomach upsets?

    Hi again guys!, I'm currently going into my 5th week on a (twice weekly pin) of 500mg test cyp. Started with taking the test itself and then added in an ai of 0.25mg (eod) of anastrazole (arimidex) from the 3rd week onwards. I'm 5ft6, 28years old, Started off at 10st 12lbs with 15%bf and I'm...
  8. A

    Front Load Discussion Sustanon + EQ

    Greetings from Mexico! My cycle length is 8 weeks Drugs used: -Sustanon 250 (sostenon redijects): 1,000 mg/week for 6 weeks (plus 3 extra shots day 1) -Test Prop: 100mg/day for last 12 days -HGH (eli lily somatropina) 4 iu/day for 16 weeks (goes into PCT for 448 iu total for cycle. pinning...
  9. Ben87

    Pct help

    hi everyone doing a 12 week cycle of test e/w weeks anadarol, running hcg threw out cycle. For pct plan to do hcg for 2 weeks, and then due to issues finding novla, and currently I only have a box of aramosin and a box of arimidex. I'm not quite sure what I should run with the hcg for pct. can I...
  10. primus

    Test deca eq cycle

    500mg test e 300mg deca 300 mg eq per week arimidex and prami on hand What kind of adex protocol do you guys recommend ?
  11. N


    Stats Training experience: 3years Age: 28 Weight: 159lbs / 72kg Stature: 5'65'' / 172cm BF: 11-13% Cycle 1-10 Week 1-10: Test E - 420mg/week (Mon/Thu) I have 2 bottle of Pharmacom PharmaTest E 300 (300mg/ml). 0.7ml = 210mg Weeks 5-10: 500iu HCG weekly (250ui Tue/Fri) Week 2-10...
  12. M

    First Cycle question: do i take Arimidex after my last pin before PCT

    getting ready to do a first cycle. I've done extensive research and I'm not starting until i have an exact plan and am confident on what will be doing. So far this is what i have come up with: w 1-12 cyp 500mg/w w 1-12 Arimidex .25 EOD w 13-14 off w 15-16 clomid 100mg / nolva 40mg w 17-18...
  13. T

    Which AI for my first cycle?

    Hello all, I'm planning my first cycle as I've recently transitioned into the world of competitive bodybuilding coming 3rd in my last competition. I'm not looking to blow up as quick as possible so the cycle isn't going to be as "hardcore" as some of you may suggest, plus if my first cycle is...
  14. O

    15 week blast finished blood results

    Took a 4 day break from arimidex because I had tanked my e2 with 0.5 adex ED. 500mg test E/week for 15 weeks + 250iu hcg 2x/week. Blood results: The reason my e2 is high is because I was "recovering" my tanked e2 by stopping my AI for 4 days. Apparently that was enough time to take it...
  15. primus

    Arimidex helping acne?

    Can estrogen control help with acne breakouts while on cycle? I'm not prone to gyno or hair loss at all but acne is the one that gets me. Luckily none on my face, mostly on my back then a little on shoulders and chest. Family history of back acne. I've had back acne since teens and I'm...
  16. primus

    Test e deca and eq ?

    Test e 500mg deca 300mg eq 300mg arimidex and prami. I'm not running this yet as I'm still waiting to get leaner but anyone have experience with this kind of cycle?
  17. J

    Thyroid function and AAS

    Fellas, I am looking at running a standard 10 week cycle and have some concerns regarding my thyroid. I have Hypothyroidism (low T4 count) and currently take 112 mcg of Levothyroxine. My question is what will the effect, if any be on my thyrooid function and should I refrain from running...
  18. R

    Test Prop

    Hi guys I'm a 20 year old male that weighs 242lbs and my height is 6ft5 (1.96m). I'm around 20% Bodyfat and I've never been on any form steroids. I'm currently doing a Test Prop cycle @ 400mg per week and as from today which is the 7th of November I'll be taking my arimidex 1mg which is also in...
  19. B

    Cycle critique

    Stats: Age:21 Weight: 208lbs Hey guys, this would be my 4th cycle and I'm just wondering what you guys think of my new planned one in two weeks, I have 3 vials of onyx mass 450mg/ml, which has 150mg of test, tren and deca, I was originally gonna do 2ml a week but decided on 2.5ml in case it...
  20. V

    Help with SUST250 cycle

    Help w/ Sust250 cycle PCT Hey guys doing my first cycle of Sust250 soon running at 500mg/week for 10 weeks.( 125 EOD) 6ft 22 years 179lbs 9-10%bf Training for about 3 years. For PCT I have - Arimidex 50 pills x .5mg and Clomid 50 pills x 50mg Now with what I have can someone aid me on how to...