1. VVV

    Increase Endogenous Testosterone/Fertility

    Suppose you're not 20 any more but would like to raise your own T, for all the obvious reasons but you don't want to go TRT and shut down everything iow you'd like to maintain fertility, etc, pp. Would a reasonable dose of T plus HCG work best? I mean I see a lot of 'users' with lots of...
  2. E

    Is There Such a Thing as an Aromasin Under-responder?

    The popular rough Aromasin/exemestane:Arimidex/anastrozole conversion seems to be 25:1 mg. Anyone find they need more exemestane than this conversion rate suggests? I thought 10 mg ED was going to be more than enough for a 300/300 mg Test E/NPP cycle, even compensating a little for the...
  3. T

    Aromasin timing on TRT

    I inject 90 mg of test every 4 days and take 6.25 mg of aromasin usually 12-15 hrs post injection. This keeps my estradiol at about 22-24 on my labs. However I forgot to take my aromasin last injection and didn’t realize it till 2.5 days later and took it as soon as I realized. So my question...
  4. G

    Grow Time Cycle

    For those of you who follow me, know I recently sustained a pretty nasty partial pectoral tear. No worries! This cycle will not be attempted until I am well enough to make actual use of the supra-physiological hormonal levels. This is merely just fun for me to consider the idea of growing and...
  5. D

    My first cycle

    Test e 500mg/ml Sunday nite/Wednesday morning Aromasin 12.5 g This is my first cycle and I will be taking: Week 1-12 Test e 500mg a week (250mg shots) Sunday morning Wednesday night (250mg each day) week 1-14 aromasin 12.5g EOD I start pct two weeks after last test shot week 14 Clomid...
  6. Jamie Sutherland

    First cycle + concerns about cholesterol

    Hi guys, So I've been training naturally for about 5 years now and I've decided I'd like to do my first ever cycle. After quite a lot of research I've decided it's going to look something like this: Weeks 1-12: 400mg Test Enanthate 12.5mg Aromasin *EOD* Weeks 13-14: OFF Weeks 15-16: 40mg...
  7. Ben87

    Gyno side effects! Need help

    So I'm 5 weeks into my cycle running test e 750mg a week, finished anadarol 100mg ed for first 4 weeks. Ran hcg at 500iu twice per week. Just noticed I have some lumps under the skin by my nipples, nipples are not sensitive feel like normal. If I squeeze the lumps I wouldn't say it hurts just...
  8. Ben87

    Pct help

    hi everyone doing a 12 week cycle of test e/w weeks anadarol, running hcg threw out cycle. For pct plan to do hcg for 2 weeks, and then due to issues finding novla, and currently I only have a box of aramosin and a box of arimidex. I'm not quite sure what I should run with the hcg for pct. can I...
  9. T

    Which AI for my first cycle?

    Hello all, I'm planning my first cycle as I've recently transitioned into the world of competitive bodybuilding coming 3rd in my last competition. I'm not looking to blow up as quick as possible so the cycle isn't going to be as "hardcore" as some of you may suggest, plus if my first cycle is...
  10. F

    Mid-cycle blood work, looking for suggestions

    Hi guys. I was hoping someone could take a quick look at my bloods and let me know if they would make any adjustments. The mid-cycle bloods were taken 48 hours after my first pin of week 6. Some basic info: 500mg test e per week (2x250). Taking exemestane at 12.5mg/day. I am erring on the side...
  11. thebulk420

    Aromasin dosage during pct

    Hi guys I'm starting PCT in 7days using toremifene and was going to micro-dose aromasin as I heard it's brilliant at restoring test levels but I'm unsure how to dose it.. My cycle was 200mgs test Monday and Thursday, (test 400 blend, prop, enan, cyp).. On week 7 I added 200mgs tren ace for 3...
  12. guyzcool

    Unexpected tren results?

    On this current cycle, I am (was) running: Winny 75mg/day (been off that for a bit now) Test e 600mg/wk Tren a 300mg/wk Tren&test no Ester 75/100mg respectively 2x a week. Just a little bit after I stopped taking the winstrol I started taking accutane for acne. I've had 3 blood tests so far...
  13. thebulk420

    2nd cycle advice

    Hi guys, I just started my 2nd cycle last week after being off for around 11months, it looks like this... Week 1-10-200mgs test mon+thurs Week 1-4- 20mgs turinabol (test 400 so mixed esters) Now, i have a little pre-existing gyno from my last cycle (i was on cycle for around 20weeks while not...
  14. G

    Back in the groove

    First post here on Meso haha. I've been around the forums for a long while, just reading and getting a few laughs but finally decided I would create an account lol. I decided maybe I would try doing a cycle log, and I'm sure y'all wouldn't mind having some toilet material during the day...
  15. Juicey239

    Question about when to take my A.I

    Good evening fellas, I'm one week into my cycle and haven't taken my Aromasin yet. Im on 625mg/week Test E, 250mg/week deca, and using Anadrol(50mg a day) as my kicker for 5 weeks. I know its early in the cycle but everything seems fine. My mood is good (better than before I started), libido is...
  16. Americanada

    Thoughts on Aromasin throughout pct?

    Anyone have any experience or studies to suggest it is beneficial? Planning on running it at 12.5mg e/d on cycle after week 3 and tapering down after my last pin to eod till pct begins and then 3x a week (m/w/f) for the remainder Would be running it with nolva @ 40/20/20/20 and clomid at...
  17. James Canyon

    Test E/Mast P for first cycle

    Hey guys I'm brand new to this forum and just started my test e and mast p cycle today so I figured it would be a good time to join. I am currently 5'9 160lbs about 9-10% body fat and have been lifting pretty seriously for about 3 years now. I am training to compete in men's physique in the...
  18. YouKnowIRUN

    How much Aromasin should I run w/ pre existing gyno

    I have a little bit of gyno start my cycle monday, planned on 12.5 mg eod should i go ed right off the start?? THANKS!
  19. GhostFaced

    Arimadex or Aromasin?

    Which one do you choose?! and why
  20. Nighthawk8118

    PCT for 1st test cycle w HCG

    I am going to run test E/ 500mg a week for 12 weeks... I plan on pinning 250iu hcg weeks 3 thru 12 every 4 days AND 10mg aromasin EOD weeks 1 thru 12 then 25 mg ED for 2 weeks following last test pin. AND finallyclomid 50mg ED weeks 15 16 17 Is this a good formula of pct? Is this enough without...