1. S

    Pharma Testosterone Undecanoate

    I’ve had a look on a few of the more recently bumped sources and couldn’t see any sites that stock Balkan Test Undecanoate whereas on google I can find a few sites (which aren’t mentioned on here obviously) that do. Does anyone know of any reputable sellers that stock that specific ester of...
  2. musclemedicine

    Balkan Pharm UPIC

    Does anyone know if the Balkan's UPIC product verification system works for vials? I ordered balkan testosterona p(10ml vials) and pregnyl from a new source. The test p is registering as fake on their verification website. I read through some old posts that said the verification doesn't work for...
  3. Whoremoans

    Balkan, going big time!

    I posted this once already in the Anabolic Energy thread, because they carry all the products produced in the Balkan facility. But I figured I would just make it a thread. Very interesting and uncommon for a steroid producer to make their products at a pharmaceutical standard.. Much different...