1. ChiCubbie86

    No sides at all on Test blasts....

    Who else has no sides on test blasts? Have ran up to a gram in the past and didn’t need any AI then and after a couple years off I’m back blasting 700mg weekly and I have 0 sides as the same as my other cycles...why is this? I thought with age being 34 now I’d have to use some AI and was fully...
  2. M

    Steroid Concentration

    Friends, what concentration of test enanthate, propionate and trenbolone acetate do you do? I have heard that to do higher concentrations the body does NOT absorb everything. Does it proceed? Truth or myth?
  3. G

    Winstrol After Blast?

    When I drop back down to my cruising dosage I plan to start cutting. Can I immediatly jump back in with a 6-8 week cycle of winstrol or should I wait and let my body recover? Reason I am asking is, from my understanding the reasoning behind the cruise is to let your androgren receptors cool...
  4. G

    First Blast of Blast and Cruise, Help?

    Hello all, lurker of many forums here. First time poster. Background: ~8-9 Years of lifting, ~4 Years of serious diet and programmed lifting. Age 23 I’ve been on “TRT” for the past 4-5 months (I was in the double digits for total testosterone from age 20 up and I had done no PED, drugs, ect. to...
  5. Maelstrom

    Massive Recomp - Thoughts

    Hey guys, Firstly, I guess this counts as my introduction here. Though, I've been a member since last year. I just never felt the need to post until now. If anyone wants the full backstory of why I jumped on gear, let me know where to post that. However, this thread is intended primarily to...
  6. EQ Kimball

    Fellas... Cruise after Deca question.

    Hey fellas, Been receiving some great advice from the members here for months and wanted to see what the take is on this one: I have 8 more weeks of 625mg deca/500Mg Mast E/1g Test E ... I know general consensus is to run test for a few weeks after stopping deca to counteract the massive...
  7. WhiteHotWombat

    YK-11 During Cruise

    Wanted to see if anyone has experience running yk11 directly post-blast during Cruise to take advantage of its myostatin and inhibiting properties. Myostatin is well-known to be the reason that game stall after 8 to 10 weeks on blast and in theory using a myostatin inhibitor should allow you to...
  8. MisterSuperGod

    Training muscle group 1x or 2x per week?

    i'm curious what you guys are doing, and if you switch up training frequency when on blast or on cruise?
  9. P

    5 weeks into PCT and not seeing much recovery

    So about 8 weeks ago I took my last shot of sustanon. I was on cycle for a total of 7 months looked like the following; (roughly) Weeks 1-5 Sustanon 600mg per week Weeks 6-7 Sustanon 600mg and Tren A 300mg eod Weeks 8-13 Test P 420mg eod Tren A 420mg eod Weeks 14-15 Test P 420mg and Test E...