1. Tom

    20190904 Reports from Lab4Tox on Boldenone Undecylenate/Equipoise and Testosterone Sustanon

  2. Tom

    AASraw Testo Prop testing report by Lab4Tox--20190822

  3. Tom

    No Extortionist Threats Made Against AASRAW

    Statement No Extortionist Threats Made Against AASRAW till now. Our server is handled by an US owned international company and without data leaking. All clients' information was deleted regularly and the related hardware will be damaged in a period. Clients' security is more than anything...
  4. Tom

    AAS Lorcaserin HCL testing report by Lab4Tox

  5. Tom

    Important news: one Chinese famous raw source shut down

    Guys, We got an confirmed news that one Chinese famous raw sources who also made finished oils/tablets/capsules in China was with shut down issues. The detailed names is not better from my mouth. My suggestion is To check your source whether they works or not. Try to check your parcel whether...
  6. Tom

    AASraw.com raw material analysis by ChemTox--June 29th, 2019

  7. Tom

    Drostanolone/Masteron Propionate Testing report from a Spain client by ChemTox

    More testing papers coming soon
  8. Tom

    AASraw.com HGH analysis by Janoshik--June 1st, 2019