1. MairUnderwood(Researcher)

    Understanding DNP practice

    Hey everyone. One of my students (Niroshan) and I are trying to understand the practice of DNP in bodybuilding. Can you please help by correcting or adding to the below? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Sorry it is so long but we want to understand properly. Feel free to only answer...
  2. FutureMrO

    Winstrol vs winstrol

    have you guys used injectable winstrol? And how did it go? My coach put me on oral winny but my guy messed the order up and sent me the injectable one and I was just asking if anyone’s used it and what they think about it?
  3. FutureMrO

    Currently in prep mode!!!!

    Hey guys I’m doing a 12 week prep for a little location show before I take it into the bigger stage. It’s just a local few gyms getting together and doing it to raise money ect. But yes I’m doing it with my coach (who i won’t name yet) and so far iv dropped a considerable amount of bf and...
  4. Eatclenand69

    Training when you're sick?

    Lifted on Monday - Chest & Back - Had a bad headache in the morning and throat was hurting, didn't feel it later on in the day. Tuesday - Arms & Delts - Same thing in the morning, but I had a headache on and off throughout the day Wednesday - Legs - Same thing in the morning, coughed up mucus...
  5. Morefyah

    Copy paste from T nation -10 Reasons Bodybuilders Are Bigger Than Powerlifters

    I was browsing through some articles on Strength training and came across this. I thought this was an interesting article discussing the difference between power lifting and body building. Please don’t jump all over me about the content in the article. I’m not sure what’s right or wrong and...
  6. jaymaximus

    Contest Prep - How to

    Im the Powerlifting forum there is a thread about how to get ready for a meet from signing up to selecting openers. I would like to see the same thing here from the people that have experienced it. Seems like the perfect thread for the first bodybuilding forum sticky.
  7. Powerlift12

    Female bodybuilding

    I was wondering If anyone on here was a fbb (not figure/physique) or has been close enough to one to have an idea on what their cycles are like? What sort of compounds are fbb using? What would their cycle look like? Would it be the same as a physique girl but slightly larger quantities? Maybe...
  8. FutureMrO

    Having problems doing Squats

    hey guys so Iv been having problems doing back squats. But Iv been going front squats fine. When I put some weight on the back I feel like I'm going to fall forward or my left leg caves in. I use to do them all the time idk what's happened. But my fronts have blown up I'm up to 150kg for 6. Yet...
  9. CTipp22

    Livewell HGH

    Has anyone tested or know the legitimacy of Livewell Pharmacy products particularly HGH vials? Some big names are supporting this company and its talked about in some Rhino rants.
  10. D

    12 wk cycle of primo depot , test E and dianabol

    just asking a question had anyone done a 12 week stack cycle of Test E , Primobolan depot and dianabol ? Still researching about it I have done a 12 week cycle of just test E 4 months ago first 8 weeks was 1.5ml twice a week then last 4 wks were 1 ml twice a week aswell and then 2 weeks clomid
  11. FutureMrO

    Test e Tbol Tren A cycle 12 weeks

    What do you guys think of a testE trenA and Tbol cycle for a second cycle ? I know lots of people say not to run tren till later but at a low and quick cycle I believe should be fine? Test 12 weeks 500mg Tbol 40mg ed week 1-4 Tren a week 6-10 70mg eod? Pct- nolvadex 40/40/20/20/10
  12. FutureMrO

    Generation iron 2

    anyone have a link for the movie? Don't want to pay 15 bucks and only watch it once :/
  13. Cratos

    Cycle One: Test E

    Goals: Looking to bulk and PR on all major exercises. I'd prefer gaining the least amount of fat possible. Pre Cycle Stats: Age: 27 Height: 5’7 Weight: 182lb BF%: 13-17%? Abs slightly faded Diet: Calories: 4300 Carbs: 500g minimum Protein: 181g minimum Fiber: 40g minimum Fish Oil: 2grams...
  14. Thenewera

    TNE - 8 WEEKS SOLID - ? vote ?

    The title is clear. I'm OCD and these training splits I'm not liking 100% so.. I'm wanting some type of program i have stuck in my head. I can't really describe it by name what style it is, but it's not just mine. If someone else has something similar, let me know. So.. I think I'm going to...
  15. P

    Persistent glute issue whilst squatting and deadlifting

    So 1 year ago this month I started having this problem whilst squatting and deadlifting. On the upward movement of squat and the lockout of the deadlift I get this sharp pain in my right glute, the pain increases exponentially with weight e.g 60kg squat - not bad, 100kg - slight discomfort...
  16. Bigbren

    bigginer trying to get bigger!!

    Here's a little introduction about my self.... I'm a 22 year old male from the greater Toronto area Iv been a gym rat since I first touched iron at the age of 18, it was love at first sight I'm very adventurous and enjoy the outdoors! 5'11" and weigh 195 lbs (unfortunately, I don't know my...
  17. FutureMrO

    Cutting cycle and dieting tips and advice

    hey guys I'll be starting my cut soon (could even be as soon as tomorrow) I had a good bulk I'm currently sitting at 85kgs at 15-16% bf at 5'11 I want to get to 10ish% so I can see my abs again. I'll be running a test p and winny cycle in about 3-4 weeks not sure yet letting my skin clear up...
  18. FutureMrO

    Cutting diet

    hey guys I'll be starting my cut soon (could even be as soon as tomorrow) I had a good bulk I'm currently sitting at 85kgs at 15-16% bf at 5'11 I want to get to 10ish% so I can see my abs again. I'll be running a test p and winny cycle in about 3-4 weeks not sure yet letting my skin clear up...
  19. FutureMrO

    Acne on pct

    hey guys :) I'm on my last week on pct and have got some acne on my back little bits on my back and they're little red ones but lots of them around my lats delts ect, Also have a little on my face. My balls are feeling okay not as good as I was on cycle but definitely not 100% recovered I can...
  20. FutureMrO

    Second cycle for lean gains

    hey guys so I'll be doing my second cycle in about 6 weeks, I'm thinking of running test e at 500mg and something to kick start me. I'll be doing a cut this time around some people have told me Tbol what do you recommend? It'll be a 12 week cycle. I'm 5'10 91kg Around 15%bf looking to get to...