1. M

    Without China, where to buy?

    With this ban in China and the Coronavirus, where to buy steroid powder?
  2. master.on

    China vows to Trump pressure, bans fentanyl

    China Bans All Types of Fentanyl, Cutting Supply of Deadly Drug to U.S. and Fulfilling Pledge to Trump By Steven Lee Myers and Abby Goodnough April 1, 2019 BEIJING — China announced on Monday that it would ban all variants of the powerful opioid fentanyl, a move that could slow the supply of a...
  3. D

    Are there any good generics from China right now?

    my buddy wants retail worth for the kits I've been buying from him, I don't blame him because he only gets a few every month and can easily charge double what I pay him. So I'm starting to look into generics again but the scammers and fakers are worse than ever. People claiming when they do find...
  4. M

    New guy comin in hot looking for raws

    I started to think about what to say for my first post and then I seen what this guy wrote. So thanks to him for saving me the time because this pretty much would sum up my intro for the most part at least.. But anyways so I am looking to skip past finding a source from a ugl and instead I...