1. GainsGuru

    Anyone used Pharmacom Clen?

    Hey everyone, Been lurking the site for a while now, but wanted to post for some feedback on if anyone has used Pharmacom clen. How was it?
  2. Juttyc3

    2nd half of sust cycle looking to cut

    Hey Meso, haven’t posted in awhile. Currently running Test sust 500/wk Dhb 500/wk Var 75 mg/day Proviron 50mg/day Adex 1mg ever 3 days///as needed Hcg 250 twice a week I’m looking to cut up the next 6 weeks as I have been running right around 6 1/2 weeks at the end of this week. Willing to go...
  3. C

    Is My Clen legit?

    Hi guys, first time posting here. I've got a question that i'm hoping somebody could shed a little light on. I got some Balkan Pharmaceuticals 40ug Clenbuterol tablets today. I got a clenbuterol testing kit off ebay, and according to what the test is saying; it's fake. However, my clen comes...
  4. Natesfitness

    1st cycle - Var, clen and phen

    Finally - my summer cut starts today! Decided to make a different thread for my cycle log :) I am doing an 8 week cycle of var, clen and phen. I won't be starting with everything all at once - that might be too much to start off with. So I'm starting with var and phen and then I'll add clen...
  5. BovaJP

    Dbl Checking Dose Liquid Clen

    Hi all. I don't post much here, mostly a lurker. But wanted to double/triple check my understanding of the dosage of this here liquid clen i have (let's not debate pill vs liquid though LOL). So my bottle i have is 200mcg/ml. I have attached a pic of an oral syringe i have that is 1ml oral...
  6. Anabolicchocoholic


    I've had the same fluff on me for too long now, time to get rid of it. Mainly by getting my diet in check. I'm going to transition into a bulk once I'm lean enough, which I'm really looking forward to. This is my first cycle ever, I'm 23 years old. I haven't mentioned weight yet, but it's...
  7. Ayym8

    Teenagers And Clen

    I dont know anything about clen, except that it isnt actually a steroid and that its used to lose fat fast, also that its even used on babies. Would it be stupid to use clen during a cut when i'm 16 years old? if so, how long should I cycle it and how much should be taken? do i need a pct?
  8. M

    Questions for my CLEN/T3/YOHIMBINE (ketotifen) cycle

    Hi guys ! Here are my personal informations: Second cycle (2weeks clen only ended 2 days ago). 80 kilos (177 pounds) 11%bf 1,81 centimeter (6ft) Trained for 3 years 23 years old Train pretty much everyday (i can't have a rest day without a cardio or abs seance i know its bad) From what i heard...
  9. TheDozer

    Allow me to Introduce myself...

    my name is Dozer, D to the Ozer. Jayz intros aside. Happy to be here. 27 yo 305 bench/405 squat/440 dead, full ROM no straps or belts. Lifting 4 years, sport since HS. 6"0 210lbs (Hovering around 12-15% body fat according to google images). Dr diagnosed back issues on/off since 16. No...
  10. Said Sakas

    Powerlifting meet and weight loss.

    Hello, Im an 19 years old guy , 208lbs 5'7 powerlifter ( been training for 3 years and started powerlifting 6 months ago ) i have reached 5 plates on deadlift and squat , 3 plates on bench and im starting a clen cycle in 2 weeks. my cycle would be 2 weeks on 2 weeks off as the meet will be in...
  11. J

    New start diet with Var (eq?, Clen?) questions

    I have a personal trainer and have been working with him for over a year. I compete in golf competitions and am looking to cut my 30% body fat in half as well as gain muscle and an awesome physique/abs!! I have not really seen a big difference in my body as I am still hovering between 27-30%...
  12. shangkhang Xmas Promotion

    Dear All, thank you for your trust so far. The first packages are on the way! As it's Xmas time and postal services/customs are over-worked and in festive mood., this is usually the best time for parcels to pass through, unnoticed and unopened. I have a little promotion for prospective...
  13. N

    help please, don´t know, where is problem

    Hi guys, have problem. Now I´m in the middle of my cycle ( 33th day), using sibutramine, Oxandrolone and Clen, strict diet, 6 days lifting, 1 day rest, but few days before I had whole day headattack, back pain, nauzea and many times I was vomiting. I know, it can happened, but when I asked...