clomid pct

  1. tusoa

    Minimun effective Clomid dose?

    I'm on trt (200mg/week) and my doc prescribed Clomid to keep the balls alive. I get major sides on 50mg EOD. I want to take it for its purpose, but wonder if anyone has had success on a much lower dose. Maybe 10mg a day? I just don't know.
  2. gacela

    Is there any substance similar to clomid?

    I am looking for a substance with the same effects as clomid, but that is not prohibited by WADA, or that its detection time is shorter. I'm also looking for advice on legal supplements that increase endogenous testosterone production and facilitate recovery after a cycle.
  3. A

    PCT clomid Nolvadex Length

    I finished a 10 week cycle of 900 mg test-e, Masteron 600 mg, HCG 300 iu x2/week. I started 40 mg Nolvadex/day 14 days after last inject + 50mg Clomid. Pharmacy grade in mexico. I'm 20 days into PCT. My Balls are big (they never shrunk much b/c of HCG). My LH/FSH are within range on the...
  4. D

    My first cycle

    Test e 500mg/ml Sunday nite/Wednesday morning Aromasin 12.5 g This is my first cycle and I will be taking: Week 1-12 Test e 500mg a week (250mg shots) Sunday morning Wednesday night (250mg each day) week 1-14 aromasin 12.5g EOD I start pct two weeks after last test shot week 14 Clomid...
  5. B

    Finasteride induced hypogonadism

    Hi , I am 22 years old , 170 lbs 6'1 always fit and healthy . Testosterone was 816 ng/dl (dermatologist tested prior to prescribing Propecia) before this nightmare happened , unfortunately don't have E2 or DHT . I am suffering from hypogonadism induced by finasteride , I only took 5 pills and...
  6. ATR713


    First 14 wk cycle coming to an end Age:23 Height: 5'8 Weight: 145(start) 175(finish) Wk 1-3 Test Cyp 300mg Wk 4-14 Test Cyp 600mg Wk 13-16 (Last week of cycle and 2 weeks before PCT) liquid Letro at 2.5mg a day to try and reverse some gyno I know I know. I should of got back up to my...
  7. Nighthawk8118

    PCT for 1st cycle/ test E 500/wk

    I am going to run test E/ 500mg a week for 12 weeks... I plan on pinning 250iu HCG weeks 3 thru 12 every 4 days AND 10mg Aromasin EOD weeks 1 thru 12 then 25 mg ED for 2 weeks following last test pin. AND finally Clomid 50mg ED weeks 15 16 17 Is this a good formula of PCT? Is this enough...
  8. Erich

    Sust 250 and clomid... Legit?

    Sust 250 10ml vial from anabole pharmaceuticals And clomid. Said they're 20mg tabs say V D on one side gave me 30.... Why? Ha Legit?