1. Winnie the Pooh

    Federal Court Rules That Border Officers Can’t Arbitrarily Search Our Electronic Devices

    Federal Court Rules That Border Officers Can’t Arbitrarily Search Our Electronic Devices We don’t lose our privacy rights at the airport or other U.S. ports of entry. Hugh Handeyside , Senior Staff Attorney Esha Bhandari , Staff Attorney Nathan Freed Wessler , Staff Attorney November 13, 2019...
  2. musclemedicine

    PCT Meds and US Customs

    What are the laws like for importing non-controlled substances w/o a prescription? I have been on google searching for over and hour and cant find anything.
  3. 2pac


    Ordered some hcg to normal adress Tracking says it went into customs on 1st and it's now the 6th. The 2nd and 3rd were the weekend, so they have been in there four days. Ordered test and some ai and pct to a northern Irish address on the same day and it was delivered fine. So... Slow tracking...
  4. Kgkle

    Customs took gear but not pct supply's

    hey, a friend of mine just got a package but it was in customs for over a month He knew they opened it and when he got it it still had the hcg, novla and adex but no gear. did he just get jacked by customs?
  5. T

    Transporting Gear Inconspicuously

    All, A few weeks ago I explained in a post that I wished to bring my gear on the DL while traveling overseas. It was suggested to me to buy "nail polish" bottles to disguise them and transfer the contents of the vials containing test e and deca into the nail polish bottles. My assumption is...
  6. T

    Breaking Cycle or Traveling with Gear?

    All, I have a dilemma that I'm sure that others have had before. I'm almost 2/3 of the way into my cycle but am to go off on an almost 3-week vacation in a week to Brazil. I've been on other shorter trips in the U.S. and have mailed my gear to me and have had it sent to a post office or a...
  7. mafaon

    I'm Afraid My Pharmacom Order May Have Been Seized By U.S. Customs

    I'm never ordering international again. I can't deal with the uncertainty surrounding shipment delivery. Maybe I'm been a little impatient, but I placed an order with @Pharmacom Labs on Feb. 23rd and my order was shipped on the 24th. Today is March 9th, and I still haven't received the...
  8. mudbutt22

    Question about po box

    So a couple of months ago I had a customs seizure from all day chemist. It was no big deal they refunded me and I went another route. Anyway, this could be unrelated but a couple of weeks later I ordered a package. It was nothing illegal but when I received it, it was very clear that the post...