1. MFAAS

    Thinking of trying Tren...

    So, as we all know, it is just so damn tempting when you see all these people talking about how amazing a compound is for body comp, strength, etc. Obviously Tren is the "golden nectar" that is fabled to be the most potent and all-around best anabolic substance known to man at this time. I have...
  2. R

    Best steroid to cut with?

    Hi, Coming to the end of my Test only cycle, very happy with results! My question is, how long after PCT would I need to wait til start a cutting cycle? And which steroid from your own experiences works best for cutting whilst maintaining muscle and strength? Cheers
  3. R

    Cutting and then bulking on cucle

    Hi everyone. I am currently 2 weeks into Teat C only cycle at 400mg a week. I have decided that I’m not too happy with my body fat where it is. Would it be possibly to do a hard 2 week cut now, and the Testosterone would help me maintain muscle during this, and then go back into a clean bulk...
  4. T

    Bulk/Cut in one cycle (i know what your thinking)

    Hi all. New to these forums but not to the science. I have a cycle im going to test out and was gonna run it by yall see your opinions. Pre's: 29 years old 6'0 205 12%bf First cycle (25y) Test e only 10wks Kept abt 16 lbs after pct Second cycle (27y) Test e only again 10wks Lean gains only...
  5. FutureMrO

    Basic cycle TEST E TREN E

    So what do u guys think of something like this for 12 weeks. Test e 500wk/12 weeks Tren E 300wk/12 weeks TBol 50mg 4 weeks Kickstart Adex 0.5 ed Pct Nolva 40/40/20/20 Prettt simply cycle with a diet of eating 300 cal surplus and 20min cardio eod? Just to put a little size on and drop bf...
  6. S

    Summer time lean bulk cycle

    Hey guys just wanted to get some opinions on my next cycle I'm about to start up next month. The goal is to always add some size while maintaining low bf. So keep the abs and add some good quality size. Stats: 6'4 226lbs at about 10-12% body fat. I can see the veins on my stomach over my abs...
  7. E

    Post before and after pics of your first steroid cycle

    Im about to run my first cycle and am curious what others ppl gains were like.
  8. Bebeto54

    Tren setup

    Sup, im doing a tren cycle in two weeks. Im 26, 225, 6'4, 16% 3cycles b4 5yrs training This is how my cycle looks atm: Prop, Tren, Dbol 100mg Tren Ace E/O/D - Week 1-8 85mg Test Prop E/O/D - Week 1-12 30mg Dbol E/D - Week 1-4 250iu HCG x2 weekly - Week 1-13 (start end of week 1...
  9. C

    Is this Cycle gtg? Test E & Mast 2nd Cycle

    What's going on guys. Finishing up an accutane run to help clear up acne I got from running Test E. It wasn't too bad, had I run arimidex on cycle I probably would have saved myself the crash of estrogen that created it post cycle. Anyways, it's nearly all gone and I intend to run it the next...
  10. S

    Advice Needed.

    OK so to start of this is my cycle Tren A 100mg EOD 8wks Test E 250 wk 12wks Arimidex .5 e3d Taper down with Test P last 4 wks after test e Have nolv/hcg on hand Started Tren In the 2nd week I'm on 4wk of cycle I'm 26yrs 5'6 And I'm about 175/180lbs OK so I'm looking to building basically an...