cutting cycle

  1. Juttyc3

    2nd half of sust cycle looking to cut

    Hey Meso, haven’t posted in awhile. Currently running Test sust 500/wk Dhb 500/wk Var 75 mg/day Proviron 50mg/day Adex 1mg ever 3 days///as needed Hcg 250 twice a week I’m looking to cut up the next 6 weeks as I have been running right around 6 1/2 weeks at the end of this week. Willing to go...
  2. G

    Cycle need suggestions.

    ive ran 2 cycles before Test e , dbol followed by pct This time Week 1-3 now current as I’m entering my fourth week Test e 300mgs twice weekly Tb500 2-4mgs ed Hcg 200 iu weekly Anastrozole .5 mg Ed to eod Nolva 20 mg eod because of signs about to discontinue . Things I have on hand...
  3. K

    Opinions On This Cycle

    I am currently cutting at 200lbs 13% BF. 2 months after my Gyno surgery. If my Gyno flares up I am thinking about adding .5mg Prami ed. Proviron 50mg (ed) 400mg Test E (week) 350mg Tren E (week) 350mg Tren A (week) Arimidex (1mg) (eod) Week 1 - ^ Week 2 - ^ Week 3 - ^ + 350mg...
  4. D.bagg

    Bulking + Cutting Cycle?

    Can you bulk and cut in the same cycle? Would it be counterproductive? I’m trying to look as aesthetic and lean as I can for this summer while also putting on some last minute lean muscle. Stats: Height: 6’2 Age: 24 Weight:195lbs Bf%:12 Experience:10 years training (4 years cycling) I’ve done...
  5. DarkSide94

    Contest Cycle Planning

    So I'm currently on my first bulk with test e 500mg/weeks 1-12 kicked off with dbol 50mg weeks 1-4. I'm in my last 4 weeks and made some good gains. Start 23 years old 5'8" 175lbs around 10-12% bf Currently about 187lbs 8% bf with very little bloat and still gaining slowly I plan on doing my...
  6. FutureMrO

    TEST-E MAST-E TREN-A 12 week cutting cycle

    Hey guys about to start this cycle In about 2 weeks for a cut. test e tren a and mast e for 12 weeks to get lean and maybe some clen at the end because I have it sitting around lol... Week 1-12 test-E mast-E 500mg weekly (2 shots of 250) Week 3-7 tren-A (50mg eod) Week 8-12 clen up as needed...
  7. FutureMrO

    Diet/drug coach

    I'm looking for a online coach to help me get Lean and help me with this cycle. I was looking into Boston loyde he's 500usd for 12 weeks kinda pricy. Any suggestions?
  8. Atleast200at8percent

    DNP + Gear

    I'm running dnp soon and would like some suggestions on what gear I should run with it. I'm open to anything and am looking for optimum results.
  9. FutureMrO

    Cutting cycle

    hey guys this is going to be my 3rd cycle Iv ran cycles when bulking but when I cut I tend to lose that look you can only have when on a cycle I'll be doing a 12 week cut and thinking of running test e at 500mg a week. Tren A at 50mg eod for 5 weeks and also have var and clen on hand. Idk if I...
  10. C


    Sup guys? So I'm trying to get my next cycle layed out and I was wanting to make the most gains possible while maintaining a lean physique. Soo here's a layout on what I was thinking Wk 1-4 dbol @ 40mg ED Wk 1-12 test cyp @ 750mg Wk Wk 1-10 tren ace @ 75mg ED Wk 6-10 superdrol @ 20mg ED Wk...
  11. Thenewera

    TNE - 8 WEEKS SOLID - ? vote ?

    The title is clear. I'm OCD and these training splits I'm not liking 100% so.. I'm wanting some type of program i have stuck in my head. I can't really describe it by name what style it is, but it's not just mine. If someone else has something similar, let me know. So.. I think I'm going to...
  12. FutureMrO

    Cutting cycle and dieting tips and advice

    hey guys I'll be starting my cut soon (could even be as soon as tomorrow) I had a good bulk I'm currently sitting at 85kgs at 15-16% bf at 5'11 I want to get to 10ish% so I can see my abs again. I'll be running a test p and winny cycle in about 3-4 weeks not sure yet letting my skin clear up...
  13. IgniterBlast

    Cutting Cycle?

    Hi All. To clarify this cycle is for information for myself only, I am not running this cycle I just want more information & your ideas/changes, I have been doing a lot of reading and browsing through forums, steroidology, etc & have compiled together a 12 week cycle + PCT which I...
  14. B

    Female First Var Cycle

    Hi guys, finally got approved so now I can share my first anavar cycle experience with you. F30 169cm 66kg BF roughly 20% Goal - drop bodyfat without sacrificing strength gains. Plan - 5 days taper up, 6 weeks at 10mg, 5 days taper down. Then an 8 week break before repeating. Still deciding...
  15. M

    Test prop anavar cycle

    Just want your opinions guys if i'm missing anything in this cycle. Week 1-10 Test propionate 100mg eod Week 1-10 arimidex 1mg eod Week 1-10 proviron 50mg ed Week 4-10 anavar 40-60 mg ed HCG last 4 weeks 2x500iu ew Pct : week 1-2 clomid 50mg / nolva 40mg Week 3-4 clomid 25 /nolva 20 Now when...
  16. D

    Need advice on my cycle

    Hey guys newer member here but have been reading alot of posts and educating myself on this. Stats: 37 yrs 6ft 245 15% bf 56 inch chest 21 inch arms 36 inch waist Current meds: Dr prescribed Test c 200mg a week Hgh 6iu 5 days a week with Thursday and Saturday off- turned to pink top gen way...
  17. A

    Cutting Cycle

    Hello everyone, I would like to make a cutting cycle with aas and simultaneously put on a few kg of muscle. And I thought to follow the following schedule: Week 1: 20 mg of oxandrolone Week 2: 20 mg of oxandrolone and 10 of dianabol Week 3: 30 mg of oxandrolone and 10 of dianabol Week 4: 40 mg...
  18. M

    Questions for my CLEN/T3/YOHIMBINE (ketotifen) cycle

    Hi guys ! Here are my personal informations: Second cycle (2weeks clen only ended 2 days ago). 80 kilos (177 pounds) 11%bf 1,81 centimeter (6ft) Trained for 3 years 23 years old Train pretty much everyday (i can't have a rest day without a cardio or abs seance i know its bad) From what i heard...
  19. Abac80

    Diet - advice and reviews needed

    Hey guys. In the middle of a cut and not really seeing any progress. What was working for a while has somewhat plateaued, I'll put all my stats, training, and nutrition info below. I know my shit, and it has worked well for sometime now (23%bf at 230lbs to 14% at 210) but just anything you feel...
  20. G

    Tren Ace and test prop cycle feedback

    hey guys long time lurker first time poster on here. Just want some feedback on the current cycle I'm running. Everyone on here seems they know what they're talking about compared to other forums. This is not my first cycle (first with tren though)... I'm 5 ft 11 - 210 lbs - 15-20% body fat...