1. MFAAS

    Trest, MENT, Trestolone: Who has used it for a blast? Bulk? Cut?

    Howdy y'all. So I have read all about the mental benefits to Trest in the /r/steroids experience thread. I am about to pull the trigger on some MENT and am quite excited about it. I've been looking for it for a while now and finally found some from a reliable peep. CUTTING: I am curious if...
  2. MFAAS

    Thinking of trying Tren...

    So, as we all know, it is just so damn tempting when you see all these people talking about how amazing a compound is for body comp, strength, etc. Obviously Tren is the "golden nectar" that is fabled to be the most potent and all-around best anabolic substance known to man at this time. I have...
  3. TimeComes4usAll

    Cutting Cycle

    5'7". 45yo. 217lbs. 16%-18%bf MAX. Training 3yrs Looking to Recomp/Drop 15lbs of fat and hold onto as much muscle as possible. 80% of my extra weight is in my trunk. Legs are pretty cut up! They look good. I can see side striations on legs, quads, calves, are all cut. Trunk? That's where it's...
  4. vyktor

    Reduce gear for a cutting period

    Hello, i been on cycle for 6 weeks , 500mg test & 300 npp week (+ hcg and ai) trying to bulking as clean as possible. I put 10 kilos and a lot of this weight is free mass, I feel happy with the sizes that i have right now, so now i will cut until the end of this cycle, 6 weeks more. Do you...
  5. D0017

    On cycle vs off cycle cut.

    Last year, I ran a bulk cycle in the winter(195-215lbs) consisted of test @ 600, 4 week dbol @50mg. Results were great as expected. Summer time I did a cut (208-187lbs) Test@200, tren@500. Got stronger and leaner, but no gains in muscle size obviously. My question is, who has experience with...
  6. R

    Naturally cutting after PCT

    Hi, Just want a straight forward answer really because so many people go round the edges when asked this question. How long after PCT would you wait before you did a cut naturally, to hopefully keep as much gains of a Test cycle as possible? Cheers
  7. R

    Cutting naturally after cycle

    Hi everyone! I am currently 2 weeks into a Test C only cycle. It is my first ever cycle and possibly my last as I am only really doing this cycle as a bit of research/experience. My question is how long after my PCT should I wait to cut naturally? I am absolutely smashing my Proteins and Carbs...
  8. A

    Tren not the right steroid profile for me?

    So a little background. I am 5'6" and weigh 165. Bodyfat is around 8-10%. This is my third cycle, my first was Test E @ 500 mg / week. Second was Test E @ 600 mg / week + EQ 400 mg / week Now a year later, I decided to do a Test P and Tren A cycle. I have read multiple things about Tren...
  9. K

    Opinions On This Cycle

    I am currently cutting at 200lbs 13% BF. 2 months after my Gyno surgery. If my Gyno flares up I am thinking about adding .5mg Prami ed. Proviron 50mg (ed) 400mg Test E (week) 350mg Tren E (week) 350mg Tren A (week) Arimidex (1mg) (eod) Week 1 - ^ Week 2 - ^ Week 3 - ^ + 350mg...
  10. NewBut-TrueDedicaion

    Low energy - Cutting cycle

    Hey all its been a while since Ive posted.. been having great success in the gym the past while and everythings been going great till now. Thought Id see if I could get some advice to possibly push through my problem Stats: Age:28 Height: 6'2" Weight: 215(now) 227(when I finished bulk End of...
  11. M

    Best Steroid for Vascularity

    Hey guys, just curious what you think the best steroid for vascularity is. I know being low bf% before taking gear is the key to having increased vascularity but regardless of all the details. Say I’m 10% body fat right now, what steroid will increase my vascularity the most?
  12. primus

    How many calories do you eat?

    how many calories are you eating? Height? Weight? Cutting? Bulking? Maintenance? Macros? Any tips you would give yourself if you could go back in time?
  13. D.bagg

    Bulking + Cutting Cycle?

    Can you bulk and cut in the same cycle? Would it be counterproductive? I’m trying to look as aesthetic and lean as I can for this summer while also putting on some last minute lean muscle. Stats: Height: 6’2 Age: 24 Weight:195lbs Bf%:12 Experience:10 years training (4 years cycling) I’ve done...
  14. jaymaximus

    No energy on a cut

    Title says it all. I've been cutting, it's been great, but lately I have no energy. I push through workouts with double scoops of PWO, and beyond that, all I want to do is sleep. Macros are at 250P 180C 80F Help me out
  15. FutureMrO

    Diet/drug coach

    I'm looking for a online coach to help me get Lean and help me with this cycle. I was looking into Boston loyde he's 500usd for 12 weeks kinda pricy. Any suggestions?
  16. L

    advice from vets

    any good ideas for a cutting cycle / stack. bodys fats around 25% at minute what would you guys reccomend to take ? based on your experiances ect just looking to learn so info
  17. C

    Advice on planning next lean bulking cycle

    Sup guys.. so I'm getting ready to start my next cycle and was just curious as to what some of y'all had the best results with? I have a good source and can pretty much get my hands on whatever I want. Just wanted to make sure I have everything on hand.. my last cycle I ran tren ace at 700mg wk...
  18. FutureMrO

    Days off the gym! Losing gains

    so Iv had 3 days off and haven't been eating much at all. I was it a grate amont of pain my back tooth had to come out. And I got it pulled yesterday. So hopefully I'll be back in the gym tomorrow! My diets been eggs oats shakes and ice cream lost .8kg in the time :((((
  19. FutureMrO

    Staying lean year around possible?

    Hey guys been watching some YouTube videos of late and noticed ppl like Calum von moger stay pretty lean year round and still build muscle! I'm cutting atm and seeing my abs again! Tbh next bulk I want to stay lean! Just asking what them dudes do? Just diet/cardio or something with drugs? At...
  20. FutureMrO

    Cutting cycle and dieting tips and advice

    hey guys I'll be starting my cut soon (could even be as soon as tomorrow) I had a good bulk I'm currently sitting at 85kgs at 15-16% bf at 5'11 I want to get to 10ish% so I can see my abs again. I'll be running a test p and winny cycle in about 3-4 weeks not sure yet letting my skin clear up...