cycle advice

  1. gacela

    Virgin muscles or propionate in post injection pain

    Hi, I just started a cycle using Testosterone Propionate, it is my first time using this particular ester, in the past I have used Testosterone Enanthate and Trenbolone, but due to detection times, I have to use if or if this ester now, in my previous cycle, I only used the buttocks as an...
  2. gacela

    Is there any substance similar to clomid?

    I am looking for a substance with the same effects as clomid, but that is not prohibited by WADA, or that its detection time is shorter. I'm also looking for advice on legal supplements that increase endogenous testosterone production and facilitate recovery after a cycle.
  3. kakashi477

    DHB experience

    Hey guys...did anyone here run DHB? how was your experience with it? Is it similar to tren or more like stronger primo or EQ?
  4. kakashi477

    Primobolan worth the extra money?

    Thinking to order some primo from it really worth the extra cost? And to get goos results from it you need to run at least 600? Cause when i run mast e at 400mg I get Great results
  5. MetalHeavy6

    Cycle suggestion

    If you had Test/tren/anadrol/npp...would you split it up like 6 and 6 weeks and if so, how would you split? Or just psycho mode and blast em all at once...Only one vial of npp and tren so no major high doses. I have like 15-20 tbol pills left too. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Fxxy

    Test/Eq/Anadrol/Winstrol Cycle + planning cycle log, bw etc.

    Hello guys, I am new to this forum and I am planning to start cycle log which will go through my whole upcoming cycle, including bloodwork, my feelings, positives and negatives. To introduce myself a bit I got 1 cycle under my belt which was 16weeks cycle of 500mg tst E/w 1-16w (in the last...
  7. DavidW23

    How does this cycle look?

    1-12 Test E 600 mg 1-4 Anadrol 25mg ED 6-12 Anavar 70mg ED 1-15 Aromasin 12.5mg EOD Have HCG which is where my question is. After doing a search it seems 250iu EOD through entire cycle is most recommended. If so... when do I stop the HCG and run my PCT? Pct will consist of Clomid 50mg ED for 3...
  8. Storm

    “TEST, EQ - 16 week cycle. Experienced EQ users please?

    Cruising for past 13 weeks after a 12 week test, mast cycle. Also on low dose HGH and Frag. Starting a new cycle. Never used EQ. I know some people swear by Deca but after a lot of research I want to give this compound a try. 49 years old, 5’6” 165lbs 14% Bf Nutrition on point for me. (...
  9. M

    My planned sustanon only cycle and PCT plan what do you think?

    This will be my first ever cycle Since i only trust pharmacy products my only option is sustanon and primobolan. But i plan to use only sustanon The plan is like this week 1-12, weekly total 500 mg sustanon, it will be 2x250 mg in the week so 2 injections week 1-12, EOD (once in a 2 days)...
  10. J

    Advice on My Planned 2nd Cycle

    hello friends, did a 14 week cycle early this year and had great results. i had dabbled before but never did a proper cycle. I had already lost a LOT of fat, and wanted to stay around the same weight, basically just recomp and gain some muscle back and hopefully lose some of the more stubborn...
  11. Moxie

    Test Cyp, Dbol Bloodwork

    Hi guys, Hoping to get feedback on the bloods I have attached below. This is my second cycle and I'm still learning how to interrupt the bloods and make necessary adjustments. Kinda worried about the cholesterol so I appreciate all feedback. First pic is bloods drawn 1 week before starting...
  12. musclemedicine

    Under dosed Tren salvage options

    I am 2 weeks and 3 days into my first trenbolone cycle, and I have come to the conclusion that my Tren Ace is under dosed. I started at 100mg EOD of tren ace and 400mg/week test prop (ran this for about 10 days). For the past week I increased the tren ace to 100mg/day. Mental sides lasted from...
  13. M

    Which Steroids to use now?

    Hey guys, my short term goal(achieved by end of cycle) is to be about 10-15 pounds of muscle heavier yet more shredded and dry. The only roids I’ve used are TestE, Deca and Tbol. First did a Test E cycle (which felt amazing and was extremely successful). Then ran Test E + Tbol Kickstarter...
  14. O

    Test/Tren/EQ 'tis the season for bulking!

    It's the holidays soon and what better time for some "dirty" bulking? It's 1.30 in the morning and this last tub of Mesomorph won't let me sleep, so I figured I'll make the best of it. Mostly a lurker, here at Meso, but I'm a fan of constructive criticism so here's my up coming cycle, along...
  15. A

    First Cycle @ 21

    Age: 21 Height: 6'3" Weight: 210lb Gym Experience: 4-5 yrs Goals: to get bigger. Lifting is my main hobby. And minimize / eliminate the risk of permanent fertility / HPTA damage (with proper PCT and using hCG) Cycle: Wk1-12 Test E 500mg/wk hCG 500iu/wk Wk 1-14 Arimidex 0.25mg EOD PCT: (14...
  16. FutureMrO

    Blood pressure on cycle

    Hey guys doing a test e and tren ace cycle test at 500mg a week for 12 weeks Tren ace 50mg eod week 4 till 9 so 5 weeks. And my last shot of tren is tomorrow. I got my blood pressure randomly checked it came back at 145/75. It's kinda high but nothing extremely high. It should go down as the...
  17. 2

    Calum von moger cycle?

    hey guys, do you guys know what calum von moger cycle might be ? , I like his physique and I know I'm not gonna get a physique identical to his if I tried, but just want a similar classic style physique like his and Arnold's
  18. C

    My cycle.

    So i started my first cycle at 15 of May. I kickstarted with Dbol at 30mg for 4weeks, 250mg test e every monday and thursday so thats 500mg each week. I just started winstrol at 30mg and clen 20 2 days in 2 days off just to see if i have any problem with it. Everything is good atm. So i am...
  19. D

    2nd cycle advice , First time stacking

    Heys guys , looking at doing my second cycle ,first time stacking , be hepful and not shit talking My first cycle was 12 wks just Test E , injecting 1.5ml twice a week for first 8 weeks and 1 ml last 4 weeks then 2 weeks break then 2 weeks of clomid and nolvadex Been off gear for about 5...
  20. C

    Advice on planning next lean bulking cycle

    Sup guys.. so I'm getting ready to start my next cycle and was just curious as to what some of y'all had the best results with? I have a good source and can pretty much get my hands on whatever I want. Just wanted to make sure I have everything on hand.. my last cycle I ran tren ace at 700mg wk...