1. G

    T3 T4

    Hello everyone. So I had been doing a 6 week cycle with T3 and T4. I worked the dosages like a pyramid. It’s been 3,5 weeks since I stopped and I got my blood checked and the results came that I have low T3 and T4 and normal TSH. Does anyone know if it’s ok that the levels haven’t gotten...
  2. T

    T-3 liothyronine liquid recipe?

    Making a batch for myself, just want to be 100% sure that I get this right the first time as I "only" have 1g of powder and I live in a place where it's very hard to get even that. So don't want to spoil it. So my question; what's a good recipe and solvent(s) to use? Please note, I can't get...
  3. fitstitch112

    To t3 or not to t3

    Looking for advice whether I would need to add t3. I am leaning towards yes as my story will tell but I would just be using it to help re-stabilize my normal metabolism. I am in week 10 of the following Currently on trt at 200mg ew Anostrozole 1mg (sun, wed, fri) =3mg total Hcg 250iu 2x ew 1-8...
  4. Roco Bama

    Which brand of pharma grade t3 is the best

    I used rc t3 in the past but haven't noticed any fat loss. I heard pharma grade t3 is the way to go. Have any of you tried abdi Ibrahim t3 from turkey or novotiral, Merck from Mexico. If not, Which brand would you recommend