1. hankmoody

    looking for some cycle advice! Dbol vs Anavar

    Hey everyone! So I'm 30 years old 6ft 210 pounds. The last time I used a cycle I was in college still, so it's been awhile. But I'm for sure ready to try out another one. I'm getting some Sust 350 I'm going to run at 250mg twice a week. I'm planning on a six week cycle. here's the thing...
  2. shangkhang

    Superbolic.com Xmas Promotion

    Dear All, thank you for your trust so far. The first packages are on the way! As it's Xmas time and postal services/customs are over-worked and in festive mood., this is usually the best time for parcels to pass through, unnoticed and unopened. I have a little promotion for prospective...
  3. M

    3rd Cycle Advice

    Hi guys, ive been a 'lurker' for many years now and have taken some really helpful advice from this site. Once more i find myself needing your opinions but first here are my stats: Age:25 Height: 6 Foot Weight: 205 pounds ~ roughly 14.7 stone Body fat: 12%, if the machine in the gym is...
  4. M

    Aggressive Bulking Cycle Help?

    Hey First time posting but been long time lurker. I have done a number of cycles and made some sizeable gains. Started at 210lbs natural lean and reached a lean 245lbs on my last cycle. Really like to get to 260lbs this cycle and looking to go pretty aggressive. Currently I am 36yo, 6ft...