1. D0017

    On cycle vs off cycle cut.

    Last year, I ran a bulk cycle in the winter(195-215lbs) consisted of test @ 600, 4 week dbol @50mg. Results were great as expected. Summer time I did a cut (208-187lbs) Test@200, tren@500. Got stronger and leaner, but no gains in muscle size obviously. My question is, who has experience with...
  2. R

    First Cycle experience and diet/macros

    Hi guys! I’m coming to the end of my first Test only cycle and just wanted to share my experience to other newbies thinking of starting and just give a few options/thoughts on dieting during a cycle. I have been extremely happy with my first cycle! I am 5’8, started at 154lbs and 13% body fat. I...
  3. P

    Fun with Drugs

    came into some anadrol, 25mg/30 pills. I have two complete cycles under the belt (test), and have experimented with orals during those cycles. The orals were just to test the waters, and for fun. I’ve tried: Halo, Epistane, Superdrol, dbol. None of those for more than a week. Superdrol for...
  4. Maelstrom

    Massive Recomp - Thoughts

    Hey guys, Firstly, I guess this counts as my introduction here. Though, I've been a member since last year. I just never felt the need to post until now. If anyone wants the full backstory of why I jumped on gear, let me know where to post that. However, this thread is intended primarily to...
  5. FutureMrO

    Boston loyd coaching

    has anyone worked with the boss man? How’s he diet ppl high carbs low carbs more on the cardio side? How does he do he’s drugs? Any reviews? Let me know pretty keen to work with him. Been a big fan for over 3 years lol.
  6. J

    Cycle dieting and support

    Hi, This is my second cycle, i am 25yo, 13bf, 195bw. I’m looking for a good diet to get lean muscles. I used to do Crossfit, now just conventional gym. My first cycle was like a year ago, it consisted in 250EQ every 2 days aand 250sust every 2 days and winstrol 50 daily, this was for 6...
  7. Natesfitness

    1st cycle - Var, clen and phen

    Finally - my summer cut starts today! Decided to make a different thread for my cycle log :) I am doing an 8 week cycle of var, clen and phen. I won't be starting with everything all at once - that might be too much to start off with. So I'm starting with var and phen and then I'll add clen...
  8. primus

    How many calories do you eat?

    how many calories are you eating? Height? Weight? Cutting? Bulking? Maintenance? Macros? Any tips you would give yourself if you could go back in time?
  9. FutureMrO

    Basic cycle TEST E TREN E

    So what do u guys think of something like this for 12 weeks. Test e 500wk/12 weeks Tren E 300wk/12 weeks TBol 50mg 4 weeks Kickstart Adex 0.5 ed Pct Nolva 40/40/20/20 Prettt simply cycle with a diet of eating 300 cal surplus and 20min cardio eod? Just to put a little size on and drop bf...
  10. G

    recommended sat/poly/mono fat split?

    just wondering what you guys generally recommend in terms of split of fats for a keto type cutting diet. would be interested to see your input.
  11. L

    diet advice

    hey guys, iv always thought of myself as been really knowledgeable when it comes to dieting but im just looking for sone heads up advice to point me in the right direction stats at the minute: 22 years old 89kg / 14 stone 1lb body fat: 11.8% fat mass: 10.5 kg lean mass: 78.5 kg i did weigh...
  12. FutureMrO

    Diet/drug coach

    I'm looking for a online coach to help me get Lean and help me with this cycle. I was looking into Boston loyde he's 500usd for 12 weeks kinda pricy. Any suggestions?
  13. FutureMrO

    How much do you money do you spend on bodydlbuilding

    hey guys. How much do you guys spend on bodydlbuilding (fitness) a week or month base. Groceries, gym membership and ofc drugs and supplements if you take any? $200-250 on food (weekly) $200 monthly ( supplements) $800 for a 12 week cycle, With pct. $60 a month on gym membership. This is...
  14. CTipp22

    HGH Bloat

    I have been using a generic grey top and IGF at 3 IU came back at 405. I bumped up to 4 IU and at both doses I get facial bloat. What can I do to reduce this? Is there a supplement or am I eating too many carbs at like 300-400grams. Lemme know Thanks!
  15. FutureMrO

    Days off the gym! Losing gains

    so Iv had 3 days off and haven't been eating much at all. I was it a grate amont of pain my back tooth had to come out. And I got it pulled yesterday. So hopefully I'll be back in the gym tomorrow! My diets been eggs oats shakes and ice cream lost .8kg in the time :((((
  16. C

    Need help with my diet

    Hey. I am going to be on my first ever cycle Test e 500 each week for 12 weeks and i need some help with my diet. This is what i am thinking of eating: 1 meal: 100g oats with milk and 200g corn flakes with milk 2 meal: 5 eggs and an aple 3 meal: 150g rice or spaghetti with 250g of chicken...
  17. FutureMrO

    Cutting diet

    hey guys I'll be starting my cut soon (could even be as soon as tomorrow) I had a good bulk I'm currently sitting at 85kgs at 15-16% bf at 5'11 I want to get to 10ish% so I can see my abs again. I'll be running a test p and winny cycle in about 3-4 weeks not sure yet letting my skin clear up...
  18. J007

    Brovice Needed Please Re: Get Jacked Blast Cycle

    Wazzup Meso Fam! I would greatly appreciate your input on any suggestions with my upcoming blast 10-12 wk cycle program. GOAL: Wanna get Jacked with some lean gains/tighten up and grow some! STATS: lifting/cycling gear half my 42 years, 5"9 230lbs w/BF around 15%. I've been on TRT for past 8...
  19. FutureMrO


    Hey guys I'm doing a lean bulk (on cycle) Iv put on about 5kgs in the first month however I can't get over 80kg My cals are 240p 80f 180c Iv bumped it up to 250p 90f 210c What do you guys think of a mass gainer or am I better of making one at home Cheers dudes
  20. FutureMrO

    Weight gain to fast?

    So Iv started a lean bulk only 7 days into it and Iv gained about 2-3 kgs how much of this is just water? I did have a cheat day that bumped it up a little 0.8kg, I'm running test e 500mg a week but only done 3 (250mg) shots yet so I don't think it's kicked yet.. Iv dropped cardio from 6 days...