1. R

    DNP Cycle advise!

    I'll start with stats and current stack: 6', 207, approximately 26%-27% bodyfat 450mg Test and 300 Mast per week In, and have been in a cut since August. I've barely lost any weight, but I have lost inches, about 4-5 (can't exactly remember my starting measurement) which is what matters to me...
  2. MairUnderwood(Researcher)

    Understanding DNP practice

    Hey everyone. One of my students (Niroshan) and I are trying to understand the practice of DNP in bodybuilding. Can you please help by correcting or adding to the below? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Sorry it is so long but we want to understand properly. Feel free to only answer...
  3. Rook2135

    Lips turned blue while on Dnp

    Has any of you ever had your lips turn bluish/purple after taking DNP??. It started happening the last couple of "cycles" ive taken these yellow devils. I havent taken any DNP since last winter and my lips became blue. It started with blistering then changed color. People have actually noticed...
  4. ranger.danger

    DNP D

    Hey so I'm on my 3rd day of my first DNP run. Been taking 1 250mg capsule at night. I know it's not the best time of year especially with where I live but this last year I fell off and recently decided I wanted to whip myself back into shape and lean out a little before I go on a blast. I've...
  5. B

    DNP sperm not yellow?

    Hi Guys, Just got a weird question using the new TM batch of 100mg dnp, my Sperm is not yellow. I am 4 days in. I have been out of gym for 5 years. Trained for 3 Months now, using this as a boost as my body fat is higher than I would like. Would say hitting the 30 mark. Used to be 14 percent...
  6. P

    Low Dose DNP During PCT?

    Hi Meso! First post here, got an interesting question and hoping some of the members here have some experience with this. I’m planning on the following at some point in a few months; Weeks 1-12/14: Test-E 500mg/week Weeks 1-4/6: Dianabol 40mg/Daily Weeks 1-12/14: Arimidex 1mg EOD/Daily if...
  7. K

    Question for experienced DNP users - Cycle length

    Roughly how long should a DNP cycle be (other than zero days)? I realize it varies from person to person but would appreciate some thoughts. I'm older than I expect more here are, in my early 50s. I started with DNP from Fertilizer Club and used that for 10 days, the first 3 days of which were...
  8. M

    DNP Cycle Log

    Hello! I will start a log on my cycle with DNP (not crystal) from a (hopefully good) private source, I will b starting at 400mg a day as it is not my first cycle. I have not been working out for now a year and half and im just starting again hoping to lose some fat to start again on a clean...
  9. K

    Fertilizer Club, LLC

    I see this was asked inside another thread but... Has anyone tried this: Buy DNP | United States | Fertilizer Club, LLC I see it's also sold on Ebay: DNP pellets 50mg x 60 ("Pure DNP" - 2,4 DNP Fertilizer) *SPECIAL eBay PRICING* | eBay I thought I had a good source (not this place). Read...
  10. K

    Has anyone tried Buy Crystal DNP?

    This site seems to be US based: Does anyone have any experience with them? Thanks...
  11. Atleast200at8percent

    DNP + Gear

    I'm running dnp soon and would like some suggestions on what gear I should run with it. I'm open to anything and am looking for optimum results.
  12. fitstitch112

    To t3 or not to t3

    Looking for advice whether I would need to add t3. I am leaning towards yes as my story will tell but I would just be using it to help re-stabilize my normal metabolism. I am in week 10 of the following Currently on trt at 200mg ew Anostrozole 1mg (sun, wed, fri) =3mg total Hcg 250iu 2x ew 1-8...
  13. N

    DNP Source Europe ?

    Anyone has any experience/knowledge with any European source in DNP ? I've tried contact , suggested in this forum, but unfortunately he doesn't ship to Portugal.
  14. Roco Bama

    Buyer beware!! DNP from Enhanced Athlete is bunk

    DNP from enhanced Athlete is super underdosed. Don't get DNP from him.
  15. Gbaby12


    where can I find?
  16. GetRippedOrDieTryin

    First DNP Cycle (30 Days) - Need Clarification on Body Composition

    I'm on my 11th day of a 30 day DNP cycle. I've broken it down like this: Days 1 - 4: 200mg Days 5 - 8: 300mg Days 9-12: 400 mg Days 13-30: 400mg, but possibly 600mg if I feel up to it. I started at 165 lbs. and I'm just a pound or two below that after 11 days. My problem is telling if I'm...
  17. Roco Bama

    Paying in bitcoins : dinitro DNP

    Hi folks I haven't used bitcoin before , I know it's been used for a while. I'm trying to buy some dnp from dinitro and I have to send money or bitcoin to a wallet with serial number. Do I have to convert the money in bitcoin first or what. Can I use a bank to do this ? If not what website...
  18. SickeningSkittles

    Dnp cycle log

    OK I'm already 7 days into a DNP cycle but figured I'd start a log now anyway. Day 1-180 mg Day 2-220 mg Day 3 through 7 -550mg Started at 207lbs and am currently at 196-198 I feel like I'm retaining water but I'm not sure. I'm looking softer but I can notice more definition and veins for sure.
  19. NorwegianRookie

    First DNP cycle log

    Hi, this will be my first thread, never written one before so here we go! It's winter here so I've done 3 previous DNP cycles, my max was 600mg a day but for this one i will do the following: day 1-5 = 200mg dnp ED day 5-10 = 400mg dnp ED Supplements i will be taking ED: Vitamin C 3g 3...
  20. xXBossBarbellXx

    Has anyone heard of Rexon Pharma? Looking for dnp

    Has anyone ordered or heard good things from this lab? Apparently they carry dnp which is what im looking for. Ive searched around a bit and naps doesnt have it. Can someone help point me in the right direction?