1. Genghis Pharm

    Genghis Pharm - US Domestic

    Genghis Pharm About _________________ I am a US domestic source that has been in the business for 5+ years. I am here to offer consistently high quality products at a competitive price. I value security (and my freedom) above all other aspects of the business and will value your security to the...
  2. IronAnabolics

    Iron Anabolics - U.K. & EU domestic

    Hello Meso We are Iron Anabolics and we come to you on New source Friday to advertise our small operation based in the United Kingdom providing high quality and clean AAS to a few private clients for a number of years. We are a 2-man UGL who promise to provide quality & clean gear. We would...
  3. LionheadLabs

    Lionheadlabs: Raw Source + Domestic shipping

    Hi, Meso. I felt like you needed another animal-themed source, so here I am. Services Alright, let's get straight to the point. I'm here to offer international raws and peptides with Unmatched(™) benefits. Mainly, dramatically reduced pricing for new clients for 3 months (this amounts...
  4. bigrobbie

    Effectiveness of underground

    I am wondering if anyone has anything good to say about any of the UGL's posting? For example Bronze Labs or Elite Labs, both have threads I have read but is there anyone who has even used them or any like them posting in this subforum.... If we have any diamonds in the rough we should post...
  5. PNWexcell

    Domestic Talk

    since Cdnguy stared a Maple Flavored thread I thought it was only right we have one of are own to cut down on clutter and Multiple Posts in other threads.