1. R

    Maik Wiedenbach on high doses of Testoterone

    Anyone ever watched this video on what the former Olympian Champ has to say about high doses of testerone. Very informative:
  2. RoidyNoob

    Former Pros BBs disclose use of gear video; Ronnie C, Lee Priest, Cormier...

    Former Pro BBs Admit to use and speak about dosages video; Ronnie C, Lee Priest... Set of interviews Tom Platz carried out in the 90's, exposing top pros with their use/abuse of gear Former pros interviewed in order of appearance: Ronnie Colleman, Aaron Baker, Mike Matarazo, Chris Cormier, Lee...
  3. T

    Running Anadrol and Dianabol at the same time

    All, Had a couple of questions about running a cycle, in particular using Anadrol and Dianabol at the same time and in what dosages. Assuming the following regime, Anadrol (50 mg/daily) Test Enth (1 cc twice weekly) Deca Durabolin (1 cc twice weekly) Anastrozole or Aromisin - Could one run...
  4. F

    need PCT DOSES

    hi anyone can help me to do a correct pct with doses and how many weeks.. for 6 weeks or primo oral thanks.. 23 years, 1.81cm, 185-87 pounds, 12-15 bff