1. PsychedBuck

    Stacked First Cycle

    Could use some opinions on my first cycle. Been building this idea for about a year and the moons lined up leading me to build this cycle- 5'9". 24yo. 165lbs. ~9%bf. Training ~3yrs Looking to put on 10-15lbs of lean muscle that I can keep before my honeymoon in January. Base: Test cyp...
  2. M

    Testosterone Peak

    Why in TRT do you use Enanthate or Testosterone Cypionate instead of Porpionate? What does peak testosterone cause?
  3. M

    Steroid Concentration

    Friends, what concentration of test enanthate, propionate and trenbolone acetate do you do? I have heard that to do higher concentrations the body does NOT absorb everything. Does it proceed? Truth or myth?
  4. T

    1 week plane vacation - Pause cycle or smuggle syringes?

    I am in week 4 of a tren E test E cycle right now, dosing every second day. I am planning a vacation to marokko for one week, travelling per plane from inside EU. What would you do? Is it a problem when i take 1 week off? Serum levels should be just below half of the peak levels, according...
  5. JaggaJatt

    New Cycle - Looking for Feedback

    Hey everyone! I'm wondering if anyone might have some feedback for my upcoming cycle? My last cycle was a solo run with 500mg Test Cypionate for 16 weeks and I was quite satisfied with the results. I want to run a TNT (Test E & Tren E) / Anavar cycle and this is what I've come up with...
  6. O

    15 week blast finished blood results

    Took a 4 day break from arimidex because I had tanked my e2 with 0.5 adex ED. 500mg test E/week for 15 weeks + 250iu hcg 2x/week. Blood results: The reason my e2 is high is because I was "recovering" my tanked e2 by stopping my AI for 4 days. Apparently that was enough time to take it...
  7. J

    Enanthat 250mg Question

    Hey guys... I just completed a cycle with Enanthat 250mg. I was doing 2 shots per week, then backed it down to 1 per week because the side effects were too much. Major oily face, cystic acne, joint pain, etc. I was using Xtane throughout the cycle as well. I cycled down and completed my...
  8. Americanada

    First Cycle @ 21 - All in check?

    Decided I'm going to start my first cycle in a few weeks, quick stats, 5'10, 170lb at 8% bodyfat. Am 21, have trained for about 4 years with the last 2 being serious. Just finished my cut and I'm as lean as I've ever been but look DYEL in a t-shirt. My lifts are actually quite decent but the...
  9. Romero

    Thoughts on tapering off Test E cycle with Test Prop into PCT? Also, would HCG be required?

    After last pin of Test E switch to Test Prop till the Enanthate ester is flushed out the body. Cycle: Week 1 - 10. Test e Week 1 - 6. Tbol To add in.... Test Prop Week 11 (4day after last Test e pin) - Test Prop. 150mg EOD. Week 12 - 150mg EOD Week 13 - 100mg EOD Week 14 - 50mg EOD PCT (3...
  10. T

    finished my first cycle. advice please

    im at 5-9 180lbs. 10% bf. I finished my 1st cycle in feb. did test e 500 per week 12 weeks. gained some pretty good results but i had to change sources in the middle of the cycle. my test didnt really kick in till like week 5 so it wasnt good till i got it from my second source. mid cycle...
  11. Romero

    Testosterone Enanthate (Test E) + Turinabol (Tbol) Cycle

    Testosterone Enanthate, Turinabol Cycle Hey guys, I'm going to write a detailed log of my progression whilst on cycle. Cycle Testosterone Enanthate (Prochem) - Weeks 1 - 2 (300mg) (Low dose to get my body used to it)...
  12. JoshaFlockz

    First Cycle Test E only or Test E + Tren E

    21 yrs old, 170 lbs, 5'8 , hovering between 10-12% bf, been around AAS for a while , helped my cousin with injections during his test only cycle, been training for about 4 years with some breaks in between, flat bench 315x2 , squat 335x3 , will update with pics later on , was just wanting some...
  13. B

    Hard lump at the top of bicep after injection

    first cycle been lifting about 3 years straight, on and off the years prior. Decided to try Enantat 250 dragon pharma at 500mg a week pinning twice a week. Into my third week and have had pip every pin but tolerable can still lift just fine. This past week I felt a hard lump between my bicep and...
  14. sibirianheat

    New here (blood works 0,5 points above TRT range so i need to educate myself)

    Hello all, first of all a great forum! My reason why i am here is that i start soon TRT by myself after i went to doctor for weakness, depressive, lack of libido, anxiety. Blood test showed very low T but not enough for TRT. I gonna start it mostly because i need strength and confidence for my...
  15. Z

    First Cycle!

    Hey guys! I want to apologize in advance for the lengthy write-up - I just want to be as thorough as possible and make sure I cover everything! I recently created my account, but I have been a "shadow lurker" for the last few years on here lol. I've been extensively doing research on cycling...
  16. T

    Virgin Cycle!!!!!!

    Hi everyone. After a year of consideration I have finally decided to run my first cycle. I am 6'0 , 190lbs , and 20 years old (with 6 years lifting experience). My cycle would include - Test E , 250 per pin , pin 2x's a week , 10 weeks. My pct would be clomid 100 daily for first week, 100...