1. T

    Nipple lump, how long should I ommit Test?

    Hi all, Was running 175/week Test Cyp with no AI, plus 100 Nandrolone. Got a little lump in the nip, first time. Did a few days of Tamoxifen and one dose of Anastrazol, and switched to Drostanolone 200/week for a couple weeks. The lump shrank some and doesn't hurt anymore, and I've added back...
  2. T

    Aromasin timing on TRT

    I inject 90 mg of test every 4 days and take 6.25 mg of aromasin usually 12-15 hrs post injection. This keeps my estradiol at about 22-24 on my labs. However I forgot to take my aromasin last injection and didn’t realize it till 2.5 days later and took it as soon as I realized. So my question...
  3. FiftyShadezOfOrange

    Blood Work Available: Let's Explain Prolactin

    Hello folks! So I've recently decided to do as much lab work as possible to try and figure out what my optimal hormone levels are, as I get extremely flat any time my estrogen / prolactin go off a small range, no matter what other AAS i'm on. First test results are from May 17, I was running...
  4. K

    Erection issues on 300mg test

    I am on 300 mg a week pretty much year round come off for 3-4 weeks once or twice a year. i have read about every thread here on ed problems and I keep readin to use arimidex cause estro is to high. But I’m puzzled as this seems not to help me ( I may have gone straight to crashing) prior to...
  5. eje1990

    Pretty much crashed E2 no AI???

    Figured I would start a thread as to not clog others. I am not running mast. Running about 700mgTest E p/w (brewed at 305mg) EQ at 750 p/w (brewed at 330) both PPLraws. Deca 450mg p/w (not PPL or homebrew) and added ZPHC dbol 40 mg pre workout (I haven't beenconsistent with non workout day...
  6. CTipp22

    Letro lumps a puffieness gone on day 4

    hey guys so currently I hopped onto letro because the arimidex on 420mg a week of test cyp didn't cut it and I developed a bit of gyno but it looks like ive zapped it with four days at 2.5mg. I have aromasin and arimidex and I want off letro asap because I need moist joints for my lifts. any...
  7. G

    Has my E2 crashed in week 1?

    hey guys so started first week of Test E @500mg/week and started aromasin 12.5mg e3d until the test properly "kicks in" planning to move to EOD, however i am experiencing very unusual lethargy, feeling tired a lot of my day, i wouldn't say i have low libido, but it isn't high either. However it...
  8. G

    6 weeks into first cycle, time to get bloods!

    Hi again guys, Monday (tomorrow) will be me going into my 6th week on cycle. Definetely getting bloods done but just making sure do I do them on this week or wait till my 6th week is complete then take them going into the 7th?, also when's best to take the blood before injection/after...
  9. G

    Acne out of control

    So I've been on cycle for about 3 and a half months now. Throughout the beginning of my cycle I had no acne problems. Then it all of a sudden started getting bad but I was able to control it and get it back to normal. Now all of a sudden it's just completely fucking out of control again and I...
  10. G

    High test vs high free test

    I'm wondering what the reason is behind taking moderate to high doses of testosterone and ending up with high test levels but not necessarily high free test levels. For the first 2 months of this cycle I had a super high sex drive as is normal for taking test cyp but now all of a sudden during...
  11. G

    Crashing estrogen/dick not working

    Hey I'm wondering about the effects of crashing estrogen? My dick still works but definitely not the way it normally works when I'm running test cyp which is what I'm on now. I added in MENT recently and because it aromateses so much more I added in letrozole which is of course very strong. I...
  12. N

    Estrogen flow-chart

    Crazy idea struck me so I had to ask. Does anyone know of a flow-chart to easily keep an eye on estrogen sides? I know to watch out for nipple sensitivity and libido issues, but would be nice to just have a spreadsheet or something with my stash to easily keep an eye on those small things we...
  13. G

    Cabergoline alternative

    Wondering if there's something I can use instead of cabergoline to fight off prolactin gyno as my source is sold out. I have arimidex but I've been told caber should at least be on hand if I'm going to run tren or MENT. Anyone know of anything that would be a worthy alternative?
  14. Nicolaus

    Best steroid?

    Hello beautiful people Before I get flamed or taunted, I would like to point out I am a complete newbie and would appreciate clarification please. Never have done a cycle and do not plan on doing any soon, want to do as much research before I do. 1) Why dont people just do deca only or primo...
  15. B

    Extremely High Progesterone?

    Hey guys, just got my new lab results. I was shocked at how high my progesterone was Total T >52 nmol/L (8.64-29.0) E2 48.67 pmol/L (28-156) Prolactin 252.30 uIU/ml (57.24-322) Cortisol 6.42 ug/dl (6.2-19.4) SHBG 6.52 nmol/L (14.5-48.4) PROGESTERONE 19.54 nmol/L (0.7-4.3) As you can see, my...
  16. L

    Really need help: total estrogen is 800

    This is my first post and I am a little late asking for help now but here it goes I've been blasting and cruising for quite a while and have had gyno from a prohormone cycle a long time ago ignoring this for quite some time but now I'm suffering from the other high estrogen side effects like...
  17. K

    Little/No Aromatase Activity?

    Note: I have NEVER taken ANY steroid....So I was a finasteride/saw palmetto user back in 2010, got off the stuff and developed hypothyroid symptoms which never seems to subside. A few weeks ago I was taking vitamin E mixed tocopherols (can act as an AI) and I was also on a low carb low sugar...
  18. Americanada

    Thoughts on Aromasin throughout pct?

    Anyone have any experience or studies to suggest it is beneficial? Planning on running it at 12.5mg e/d on cycle after week 3 and tapering down after my last pin to eod till pct begins and then 3x a week (m/w/f) for the remainder Would be running it with nolva @ 40/20/20/20 and clomid at...
  19. R

    Alcohol for Tanked E2

    First of all. I AM NOT RECOMMENDING THAT PEOPLE DRINK TO POP THEIR E2 LEVELS BACK UP! However, I am curious and want to start a discussion/find people who have responsibly done this due to the phytoestrogens in alcohol. From the studies that I have read, it appears that alcohol consumption is a...
  20. Greatwhitehulk

    Global anabolics

    Received some adex from these guys but having dick issues(semi erect and forever to bust) and nips are getting sensitive. Been running 1mg eod. Anybody have experience with them? Running 900 test with 500 tren. Maybe it's the other compounds. Never ran high test lower tren.