1. T

    Good source or bad?

    I use to get my gear from a good friend of mine I have known for 15 + years, for reasons out of my control and his ( incarceration) I had to look to a new, A different friend of mine turned me to Locked and Loaded. I can't find anything on them here or on other forums, so the question is does...
  2. iamnightowl

    Do you guys stock up on gear in case of stricter laws?

    Or any other reason why it might be hard to get gear, like a war. Another question, did you guys also read this study? It says: "With a large and expensive stockpile of drugs, the military faced tossing out and replacing its drugs every few years. What they found from the study is 90% of more...
  3. Mexicanmuscle

    Hi from Mexico, classic physique competitor looking for Pro card

    Hi guys, I’m new here. Ive been lifting 16 years straight, using gear almost 11 years. Here where I live is legal so feel free to ask anything! Greetings from Mexico
  4. K

    Searching for GEARPRO

    2 years ago this guy was helping me. Then POOF he disappeared! I tried multiple times emailing him with zero luck. If someone who might know of him or a similar guy please PM me. ---> For reference --> GEARPRO'S LIST & REFERRAL PROGRAM Thanks
  5. Maelstrom

    Massive Recomp - Thoughts

    Hey guys, Firstly, I guess this counts as my introduction here. Though, I've been a member since last year. I just never felt the need to post until now. If anyone wants the full backstory of why I jumped on gear, let me know where to post that. However, this thread is intended primarily to...
  6. M

    Which Brand is Best at

    Hey guys, I’ve bought several cycles from naps and used Geneza Pharmesuticals each time. I’m most likely going to go with them again unless someone recommends a better brand. Only other brand I’m considering is Pharmacom right now. Any suggestions or anecdotes? I’m buying a Test E, Mast, and...
  7. M

    Best Steroid for Vascularity

    Hey guys, just curious what you think the best steroid for vascularity is. I know being low bf% before taking gear is the key to having increased vascularity but regardless of all the details. Say I’m 10% body fat right now, what steroid will increase my vascularity the most?

    Ostarine Detection time

    Does anyone know the Detection Time for Ostarine the SARM ( Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator)? I took this product on May 15 and June 15. I was running it at 50mg a day every other day. I was selected for a drug test this morning and don't know if I passed it. A lot of athletes have been...
  9. Atleast200at8percent

    DNP + Gear

    I'm running dnp soon and would like some suggestions on what gear I should run with it. I'm open to anything and am looking for optimum results.
  10. C

    bulking cycle: second cycle

    hey. first off this cycle I'm going to be trying tren for the first time. i am looking for opinions on any improvements on my cycle plan/idea. fore diet and training i have a online coach that helps me with my macros and exercise plans. my stats are : 5 foot 5inches/ male/ 21 years old/ bf...
  11. L

    Any around Southeast Missouri

    looking to run a good cycle but can't seem to find a local source and don't want to chance ordering it and lossing my money from it getting seized. Any help please. I live in southeast Missouri. Thanks In advance.
  12. P

    Alliance Healthcare Pakistan

    As far as I am aware this is an UGL based in Pakistan it is not the true Alliance Healthcare pharma company based in U.K. Got some prop amps, anyone had any experience with their gear, is it g2g?
  13. P

    Gen Pharma legit?

    Got a few vials of Test P recently from a lab called Gen Pharma, did my 3rd shot today of 130mg, running 130mg eod. Haven't noticed much yet but to be fair normally takes 1-2 weeks , maybe slight increase in libido. Has anyone ever used this lab before, is it legit/any good??
  14. Trippleb


    Any tips on spotting fake gear. I'm about to pick up some alliance health from thialand so my source says. I think it's important all newbies are clued up..... thanks guys
  15. PMAN6815

    Thailand trip/buying gear....

    Taking a trip to thailand in December. I currently get my gear shipped from overseas and have been on quite a few cycles. I've been told that gear is legally sold at some pharmacies in Thailand similar to Mexico and other countries. Would it be worth it trying to bring back a few bottles? Has...
  16. J

    Please help! Random side effects with Test-E

    Okay so I'm on my 3rd cycle of steroids ever and I am using 500mg of Test-e and 200mg of Deca a week, I am jabbing on Monday and thursday in my qauds with never any issues, and currently half way through week 6 of my cycle, about 5 pins ago I opened a new vial of Test- e from the same UG lab as...
  17. Mr.Pazloe

    PIP FREE Injections. A Beginner's Guide

    Whatsup bros. Pazloe here. This is my intro post. It is long but will be very beneficial to new lifters and cyclists. There is substance here so stick it out and it will definitely be worth the time you put in reading it. I’ve been lurking in the bushes across the street, stalking you all for...
  18. Kgkle

    Customs took gear but not pct supply's

    hey, a friend of mine just got a package but it was in customs for over a month He knew they opened it and when he got it it still had the hcg, novla and adex but no gear. did he just get jacked by customs?
  19. S

    New Zealand gear

    Does anyone know where I can find a supplier in New Zealand? Tia.
  20. J

    Starting gear

    I've made the decision to hop on gear, will my T levels go back to normal once I come off cycle numero uno? & I'm 21 195 lbs 6ft a little bulky right now.. should I cut first? is anavar a better option? I want to do one cycle for now, more later down the road but I want to go about this safe...