1. Maxfriz11

    Alliance healthcare

    Just starting a new thread been offered a lot of alliance health care..I know someone who has been perscribed this from the NHS on test replacement therapy and this means it's pharma grade.. Is it really pharma grade or is it a follow on to alpha pharma and the new posh ugl lab? Seen lab...
  2. Nicolaus


    Hello fellow members, Anyone know of a reliable and legit source for SERMS/PCT? I've heard of one called pharmacist but not sure if it's good Thank you!
  3. Nicolaus

    Ready to take the next step. Please help

    Hello all I have been looking into anabolic steroids for about a few years now, well not consistently and I want to take my body to the next level. I got my lab work done and I have low testosterone, low fsh, and low lh levels. Very low actually, too embarassed to share with the public. Which...