1. gacela

    Natural supplements to increase testosterone levels?(recommendations / opinions)

    What natural supplements (not PEDs) are there reliable results of actually increasing testosterone levels? I would like to know different opinions and experiences of supplements of this type, for example: tribulus, ashwagandha, zma .. or supplements that are combinations of these or other...
  2. Powerlift12

    Supplement Stacks while on aas

    Curious to hear what everyone takes supplement wise for training and also health purposes when using aas. What's your stack?
  3. S

    Here to Help- Health Advice

    There’s a ton of good information out there and with enough research you can find out pretty much anything, but not everyone has the time, knowledge, or patience. I can take the guesswork out of it. I want to use my experience with steroids and knowledge from my medical education to provide...
  4. Infidel141

    how many of you are honest with your doctor about your aas usage?

    Just wondering how many of you are honest with your doctor about your aas usage? If so were they supportive in monitoring your usage? I'm in the US btw.
  5. A

    Proviron apparently is just as dangerous to the cardiovascular system as several other orals

    I read some information on The Steroid Clinic site which states that Proviron/Mesterolone ''has some of the most pronounced negative effects on cholesterol values of any of the commonly used performance/physique enhancing steroids'', greatly increasing the risk of cardiovascular plaque, in spite...
  6. I

    Long term drug use

    Hey guys and gal's I have some queries about long term var/drug use for women. I'm talking 10+ years (not straight, cycled of course) Let's say we have a female who is not only genetically blessed but also carries the mindset and work ethic of a true champion with serious competition potential...
  7. jasonfrost

    Any connection between low platelets and Anabolics?

    i have a 120 count result on my bloods, for blood platelets. Do anabolics play into a low count? Should I be really worried?