1. MFAAS

    Is HGH Gut (irreversible intestinal growth) a real thing?

    I have seen some sources (like this MPMD article) claim that HGH gut isn't real--that it is basically just indigestion and the stomach being overly filled with food because those massive guys need to eat such a huge amount of food just to exist. I have also seen some people claim it is actually...
  2. G

    Gear Shef GH log

    Quick Recap: -May 2018 I was pretty much my leanest ever (pics attached192ish lbs) -December 2019 I was the biggest I ever been (pics attached- end of day 230lbs) -January 2020 I finally went to doctor to get my generalized anxiety checked out and he prescribed me Zoloft 50mg -March 2020 he...
  3. Builtbybama16

    HgH Legitimacy

    I’m aware this is for anabolics but I this forum has a lot more followers and I didn’t get much help from the HgH forum last time. Has anyone ever heard of or know anything about ageless life hgh? It’s 10iu/ 100iu per kit and got black tops. I got it from a friend that is a pro and swears by it...
  4. Builtbybama16

    Ageless Life HgH

    Has anyone ever heard of ageless life hgh? It’s 10iu/ 100iu per kit and got black tops. I got it from a friend that is a pro and swears by it. I trust the person but I also haven’t been able to find any info about it online. Thanks in advance!
  5. Mads

    [Request] HGH Hilma Biocare

    Hello! Anybody have anecdotes or labs from Hilma Biocares somatropin? Their price seems very good, almost too good. But havent been able to find a single review. And how is Hgh usually mamufactured? Alwayd thought it was no easy task for UGs to produce hgh so i assume its imported altho Hilma...
  6. pigeonhed

    Freeze-Drying information related to HGH

    Good day, Throughout the forum members discussing HGH often it seems to be more heresy than actual scientific texts. I have found two documents that seem to offer excellent information into HGH and the Freeze-drying process. Vacuum-Induced Surface Freezing for the Freeze-Drying of the Human...
  7. Z

    Whom wants 3 generic HGH (kefeis) for 120$? 40 each basically

    hi, so some of you may know i got some kefeis. but i dont want to use em anymore I got prescribed real shit from my doc. i was gonna give em up for free but im a little low on money cuz of covid and my job isnt making me as much as I did before so ill glady give up all 3 kits for 120 TOTAL. so...
  8. Z

    What generics that are comparable to pharma/GMP-quality HGH?

    Hi, so you all probably know in 2017 or 2018 TP replaced his old greys lowkey with a new different greytop. I'm trying to find a generic brand that's comparable to those "old greys" from TP. Mind if ya'll lead me to some sources with high purity and zero/almost zero dimer? It can cost 250 a...
  9. Alexroid

    Wholesale-Steroids.cc - EU HGH - Roids

    Big Hello to the community of Meso Rx. I would like to introduce our operations here. My will call myself Alex, I will represent our company wholesale-steroids.cc Our main business is wholesale and semi-wholesale distribution of some of the most well-known steroid brands, for EU based...
  10. R

    Reading Material on HGH w/ Slin Use (mainly Slin)

    I'm in the stages of planning to add HGH and Slin into my routine. I will have a couple months before I can, so I'm reading as much as possible. I've already got the HGH part down, pretty simple. However, Insulin is somewhat daunting. I'm not "afraid", just cautious. I'd like to know where I can...
  11. HGHDaddy

    We are happy to be back among you!!

    Hello everyone, we are so happy to be back!! We already have momentum going very well in other forums! To show this momentum here, we're back online ! Don't doubt that we will help you in the best way in everything, such as price, product, delivery! You can contact us via PM or through our other...
  12. gacela

    how to reduce carpal tunnel syndrome when using mk 677

    I have been using mk 677 for 2 months and in the last month I have carpal tunnel syndrome, and my fingers are constantly asleep and it is somewhat annoying, but especially at bedtime, I get up with a lot of pain in my fingers and I have them completely asleep, I was wondering if there was any...
  13. TaylorH2002

    HGH Manufacturer

    Hi, guys,perhaps im known by some of your sellers who take hgh from our factory. They repack (usually they do have their own brand, not copied, and we donot do copied brand) and add some profit then sell to you guys. Im from China, some friends buy hgh on Alibaba shop, yeah, 50%- 80% Alibaba...
  14. A

    Blue top hgh

    Has anyone had experience with blue top hgh? I've seen in recently by several different sources. They say it's 99%pure.
  15. gacela

    how to use PEDs on tested sports?

    Hello, I want to ask a question that can be useful for more members, is there a way to use doping substances in tested sports ?, in the setting of a sport where you compete every weekend, and there may be a random control After each game on those weekends, would there be any way to dop during...
  16. Builtbybama16

    Spectrum Pharma Spectro HgH

    Hi everyone! I’m new here so I figure I’m in for some ball busting from what I’ve seen but I do have some questions. Has anyone got any experience with Spectrum Pharma GH? I’ve read great things about the oils but very little about the GH. Thanks!
  17. Bodypharm.com


    Dear Meso members, I'm BP, owner of the BodyPharm.com online pharmacy. I've come here to offer the best of pharma-grade products and finished oils/orals to members of the Meso community. We are a verified source on Eroids and have been serving the community with our sharp priced products and...
  18. N

    HGH Bloods

    Hi Meso, Been a lurker for a long time and learnt a lot off this community and have finally decided to give back when I can despite being from down-under. I recently ordered some HGH (just before xmas) from a supplier in the underground and have given them a real test. I have been on for...
  19. Blake Fountain


    Hey I’m a new member to this forum, but I’ve been a browser for a while and decided to finally make an account. I used to get all my gear from the dark web but dream got shut down and was my go to. Then my guy worked with me through email then ghosted me. I’ve recently have ordered from ashop...
  20. HGHGEAR.ws

    Pharmacy Gears Guaranteed delivery up to your doorstep by HghGear.ws

    Hello Meso Members, Who we are ! HGHGear.ws is an online pharmacy specialized in selling fitness related pharmaceuticals. A trustworthy source for Steroids, HGHs and EPO that will help you to build an impressive body, extremely fast. We made it easy for anabolic and HGH users all over the...