home brew

  1. D

    Stuff in oil ?

    Ok so I noticed after I withdraw my home brew test cyp , and I look close at the syringe there are tiny white bubbles or white things sitting on the black plunger part in the syringe , there is small that I thought it was air bubbles at first ,So I refiltered the test cyp in sterile air tight...
  2. X

    injectable L-Carnitine home brew issues

    Making an injectable l-carnitine brew. 200mg/ml. L-Carnitine .9% Benzyl alcohol Distilled water The carnitine and distilled water mix fine and come out clear. But as soon as I add the BA and stir. It's gets allll sorts of cloudy. Is this normal, anyone have any insight? Wondering if anyone...
  3. D

    Everclear anadrol

    Has anyone here made a suspension that they get good results with just with everclear and anadrol ? Or does the alcohol degrade the hormone? I’m debating on trying this and also capping it . I also read somewhere about glycerol ? Is glycerol for a suspension or solution ? A solution would be...
  4. limitphobic

    Oral Recipes??

    Hey guys & gals, I'm looking to get into capping, solutions, & suspensions. I'd like to hear your favorite recipes, especially (but not limited to) Anavar and Anadrol. Looking forward to seeing what comes from this post...
  5. M

    Without China, where to buy?

    With this ban in China and the Coronavirus, where to buy steroid powder?
  6. WolfGain

    Synthesis. Making Raws. We should be focusing on this much more.

    I don't see many posts about synthesis here and I'm eager to learn this and dodge the suits knocking on my door for ordering raws. Is anybody else making their own? PM me!!!! I just want techniques. Also, you can only ever seem to find testosterone structures, I don't mean to get ahead of myself...
  7. M

    Steroid Concentration

    Friends, what concentration of test enanthate, propionate and trenbolone acetate do you do? I have heard that to do higher concentrations the body does NOT absorb everything. Does it proceed? Truth or myth?
  8. eje1990

    Filtration Porn

    So basically title says it all. I remember my first time brewing I used syringe filters. And that was the last time I used syringe filters. I then proceeded to look into bottle top filtration and vacuum pump. After a little research I found it to be pretty easy. Thanks to @XKawN and the pics of...
  9. Renegade22

    Bill Roberts Homebrew – No Benzyl Alcohol?

    In MESO-Rx article “The Guide to Making Your Own Injectable Anabolic Steroids,” staff member Bill Roberts states: “ If not using any benzyl alcohol—and I prefer to use none—then after the 19 mL total of powder and solubility enhancer in our example, we have 31 mL left to make up our total...
  10. K

    EQ blend?

    I don’t know if this is even possible but has anybody tried making a blend with equipoise undec, cyp, and ace? Like maybe a 150,100,50 blend? I’ve seen undec and cyp mixed. Just wondering cause I know bold ace is crazy painful
  11. SuperSwede

    Math question.Powder Density - 1g Displacement.

    Hi everybody. I am interseted in homebrewing but not very good at math. When i brew aas i use numbers found on internet, e.g (Found on another board) Testosterone Base - Density 1.12g/mL Testosterone Propionate - Density 1.10g/mL Testosterone Enanthate - Density 1.06g/mL Testosterone Cypionate...
  12. eje1990

    Vacuum pump question

    Last brew I did my hose on my pump seemed to be collapsing a little bit. It didn't constrict air flow but it did seem to be struggling. It didn't tear the filter but did have me concerned. Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcomed.
  13. eje1990

    Transfering compound from media bottle

    I have used both syringe filter and bottle top to media with a septa cap into sealed sterile vials. I am looking to cap n crimp my next brew. The method I feel would be best is sterile pipettes and a pipette dispenser (SEOH on Amazon). I am a little worried about the top on the media bottle...
  14. Ayym8

    Membrane Filters Reused?

    I'm researching homebrewing for the first time and had a question about these membrane filters. I'm aware that this is used to filter the finishing product, but when buying them, it says in the title "disposable" so my question is Can you use this filter only once and then throw the entire...
  15. Tom

    Help, please! Homebrew of Test Cyp, 322mg/mL, cloudy when it cooled!

    Hi guys, Need help from you guys! One friend try to to cook Test Cyp, 267g to produce 800ml of solution. Trying for 322mg/cc dose. He used this recipes at the first stage: 2% BA 18% BB/EO Rest of volume was MCT oil. Pharmaceutical grade. Brought to 108 C, held at 108-110 for 15 minutes. Slow...
  16. Tom

    Partner enrollment in UK/Portugal

    Any awesome member(Joined MESO for more than 1 year), who wants to be our partner, please contact me by smile@ok-biotech.com or my whatsapp by +8618924660950 To earn it or not, it always is here, no matter you care it or not. SZOB
  17. T

    Homebrew Sustanon Tweaks

    Hi Guys could you please give me some advice and tweaks..on some homebrewing..happy to pay for detailed advice.. I'm making some sust 250 as I usually use Enanthate and want to change my next cycle.. Im used to making Enanthate and equipoise. And attempted to make a tiny batch of sust using the...
  18. Tom

    Help needed for tbol ace cooking!

    Awesome guys, please help to share you suggestion for this: Recipes: tbol ace 100mg/ml 22% BB 20% EO 3% BA or 5% guacol rest. MCT oil
  19. Tom

    SZOB--Chinese Spring Festival Holidays arrangement:

    SZOB--Chinese Spring Festival Holidays arrangement: Happy Spring Festival Holidays, everyone!! May the best to you and your family! We will take a 10 days off from 20170123--20170203. All the delivery will be stopped by 20170122 till 20170204. Thanks again for all your support during the last...
  20. BigSky

    Is it really that easy?

    So iv been doing a lot of research on this topic because I figure at one point it will be better to brew my own because I'll know exactly what it is and it will not be under doses or bunk, unless I get schemed on the raws. But is it really as easy as I think it is Mix BA and raws, and BB if...