1. Tankyouverymuch

    Rubber getting into my vials. Anyone else encounter this?

    My vials are getting little pieces of rubber in them from the stopper. I had this happen before but I always switch to a lower gauge needle to inject so I would think the pieces won't make it through. I am not sure what would happen if a little piece of the rubber gets into my body. Has anyone...
  2. MisterSuperGod

    When injections go horribly wrong.

    Trying to start a story thread here. We've all had injections that have gone horribly wrong before. Let's put them here. My latest occurred last night. Injecting my left triceps. Nothing new, i'm comfortable with that site, but ever so rarely, i miss the mark and get too close to a nerve...
  3. musclemedicine

    Test Prop Injection Pain and Prolactin Support (4tren)

    So three days ago I started my first cycle since 2014. I am running test prop and tren ace (First time with either compound EOD: 100mg tren ace (0.5ml) and 100mg Test prop (1.0ml). I load one syringe with both and inject 1.5ml total. I have been loading with a 19 gauge filter tip needle, and...
  4. C

    Redness, soreness, hot to touch injection site.

    i know there is a lot of forums and pages about this but I was wondering because no two situations are the same. Long story short Right now I'm injecting test e and tren e. This is my 6th cycle. Two nights ago I injected into my right arm, delt. .5ml of test e at (250per ML) mixed with tren E...
  5. T

    GHRP-6 Injection with insulin syringe - Injection sites, IM possible?

    Hey guys, i decided to get GHRP-6 because of the appetite boost. I am on a bulking cycle right now and aiming for 3600kcal but barely manage to eat 2500 because of isotretinoin sides. I know that it's best to inject 3 times daily. I read that you get puffy red spots where you injected that...
  6. Jamie Sutherland

    How to: Not tear my glutes to shreds (Self glute injections)

    Hey people, Was just wondering if anyone had any good advice for self glute injections. I'm completely new to the whole AAS world. I've just started my first ever cycle (test cyp only 500mg/wk). I've only pinned once so far which was in my right glute. I plan to alternate between each glute...
  7. Eatclenand69

    Check this out: Running DECA without Test?

    Came across a YouTube published by EnhancedAthlete, you probably heard of him. In this video he talks with a guy who's experienced running Deca without test, he even stacked it with other gear like Dbol... Let me know what you guys think.
  8. D

    Subcutaneous injection went wrong

    I injected .5ml of test on Sunday subq in my stomach since it was all I had left and didn't want it to go to waste. I now have a noticeable bulge or lump that is tender to touch and slightly red and warm. I have had subq shots do this once before but not this bad. I applied heating pad last...
  9. E

    Changing my cycle this week - Thoughts on doses and a couple of questions

    Hi, Im around 8 weeks out from my competition (Mens physique) and for the last 8 weeks im gonna change a couple of things in my cycle. I've been running 500mg test E ew / 600mg mast p eod for the last 8 weeks with 60mg tbol for the first 6 weeks aswell. Also eating Aromasin 12.5mg eod. For my...
  10. Gbaby12

    Ridiculous PIP what went wrong?

    Did my second Test E injection today in Delt, tried warming up the test prior to injection, and used a brand new vial of test to do the injection. had alittle bit of blood come out when i pulled out and their is a small bruise around the site but so far no pain. The Problem I'm having is I...
  11. madeinengland91

    Dodgy injection or paranoid?

    Hi guys, Jabbed test E tonight 1ml right delt. Aspirated aswell no blood. Went ahead and injected slowly maybe 30 seconds or so. All good as per usual. Pulled the pin out. A jet of blood soon followed and squirted down my arm, onto my floor aswell, took a good 30-60 seconds to stop bleeding...
  12. primus


    Hey guys. Not sure if there something like this already. I honestly didn't check but I thought it would be interesting and helpful to have a thread on needles. For you experienced guys I hope you share your wisdom and for the noobs... take notes! What size pin preferred for withdrawing from...
  13. S

    Glute injection

    hey, im going to pin for my first time in glute and need some info, i have pinned myeself in quad. and my guy said 21g 1 1/2 is what they use for glutes so i ordered it, and i got it today, i was looking at it and thinking jesus this needle is huge and must hurt alot, i also got 23g 1 1/4...
  14. Thesauceboss

    Mild sides from tren

    Hey guys, I just started running tren ace (first time using this compound) at 400mg every week, along side t400 at 500mg every week. So far 400 mg's is working some magic and haven't yet experienced the main sides besides a couple sleepless nights. From what I have heard of people's sides on...