1. MisterSuperGod

    MSG labs - Intro

    Introducing MSG labs. No, not MisterSuperGod labs. That would be a silly name. Instead, it stands for Mega Stupendous Gear labs. i am aware that today is not Friday, but should i punish all of you fine folks by following this made up by some jerk rule by not allowing you faster access to my...
  2. SomewhatDamaged

    New on the site

    Hey everyone, glad to be here. Hopefully I'll keep my noobery to a minimum. Anyway, I'm 26 and a nurse that has started on the path of the gear. I'm new to AAS and such, only having previously done a trial of HGH. You'll find me inquiring in the coming days and months, doing what I can to...
  3. T


    I won't give you advice because I don't know what I'm doing. I won't give you a source because I'm a scamming liar. Really, ignore my posts. "About me". I am using gear because I'm mentally ill. My days are spent reading(1-4hours), lifting(.5-2hours) and playing league of legends(0-11hours)...
  4. AlphaPitTD

    New Member Introduction

    Hello Everyone. I would just like to introduce myself as i have not yet. I have been a member for the past month or so now just doing a lot of reading. You guys are funny and I'm really getting the idea of what you guys are about around here. That's about all I have to say for now. I will be...
  5. Sasquatch Labs

    [Source] Sasquatch Labs - Intro/Sale (US Domestic)

    SASQUATCH LABS (US Domestic) ABOUT US I am Jay from Sasquatch Labs. Dino and Becca will be helping me in the lab and with customer service. I have been creating protein supplements for 4+ years. We are here to offer the highest quality product at competitive pricing and with exceptional...
  6. Go-G

    New Member Intro

    Hey, Guys: I've been lurking around long enough to realize two things: 1. This is an awesome forum, and 2. I need to introduce myself. I'm 53 years old, 6'1", 183bs. Bodyfat 11%. Been lifting off and on since 18 years old. Athletic generally, but consider weights the core activity for health...
  7. DjMantis

    Somewhat Newbie Needs Wisdom

    Hey what's going on dudes! I wanted to introduce myself and get some wisdom from the people who know wtf they are doing. A little background about me, I am an Ectomorph body type, super slender 6'0" 140 lbs soaking wet. I have the fastest metabolism in the planet, and I'll take any challenge...
  8. mchef168

    Hello All

    New member from chicago any help or advice navigating the site appreciated
  9. 1

    Hello meso.

    Hello, just wanted to introduce myself. Im a new canadian member on the board. Not here for anything except for some disccusion and the forum library. I'm 34 6.0 225 pounds 8-12% bf. Been lifting on and off for 15 years with lots of highs and lows, personal bests. I have alot I want to...
  10. RomanEmpire25

    New to Meso

    Hey im new to Meso. Seemed like a good place with reliable people willing to help however they can. I'm 5'8 and weigh 174, more on the lean side lol. Been training for 5 years. I have ulcerative colitis (autoimmune disease that affects large intestine), so I often use AAS to help me gain weight...
  11. JaggaJatt

    New here

    Hello everyone, Finally decided it was about time to join a solid board and learn about and take part in the AAS community. Looking very forward to being here!
  12. H2.2

    Hey now

    Ok didn't know I was suppose to introduce myself first, sorry. I've been working out consistently now for the past few yrs. Started out wanting to run a 5k, that lead to OCR's, then GoRuck events, was doing some intense outdoor training to prepare for that, then the person training me got a...
  13. mafaon

    I'm Ready to Rumble

    Hello everyone. I've found the Meso community to be the most trusted source for information on AAS online. I've been doing extensive research on steroids over the last couple days as I plan to start my first cycle soon. I find myself coming back to Meso time and time again as it's one of the...
  14. Greatwhitehulk

    Never intro'd myself

    What's up guys. Just wanted to intro myself. Been following meso for a while. Seems to be the only decent forum for what we do. I have had nothing but nonsense from sponsor boards. Like the no bs mentality here look forward to some real talk.