1. Captain Steve Rogers

    Blood work — test E, anavar, arimidex

    I always see posts with people asking how much AI to take, and those posts always get the same response — get your bloods checked! I know this, because in years past I’d be the one searching it haha! So I thought I’d show you my intra cycle bloods to drive home the importance of knowing your...
  2. Black Beard

    Landmark chem testosterone propionate (Raws) 150 mg pw

    50 mg Mon/Wed/Fri , blood drawn 24 hours after injection on Saturday. (Had been on it for +6 months at this dose/same batch of powder) Total Testosterone : 1,309 ng/dL Results line up well with what is seen in studies done on the pharmacokinetics of testosterone propionate.
  3. Black Beard

    Landmark Chem GC/MS for Trenbolone, Halotestin, Masteron, Winstrol, Dianabol, Deca

    I've been using them for years, always serum tested the testosterone and labmaxed the exotics like tren/mast/winny/etc. I was able to get my hands on GC/MS test (urine), i took every single raw/compound from LMC and they all passed. I've always had great anecdotal results in strength/muscle...
  4. Black Beard

    Meditrope HGH log (Mauve tops, Yellow tops, etc)

    I've been running the meditrope brand for a few months now and have run several HGH and IGF-1 serum tests on them. I'll be using this long-term for anti-aging purposes, i test every single kit, vial, raw powder i order for HGH/AAS/etc. So i will be regularly testing my growth hormone. I...
  5. WolfGain

    Synthesis. Making Raws. We should be focusing on this much more.

    I don't see many posts about synthesis here and I'm eager to learn this and dodge the suits knocking on my door for ordering raws. Is anybody else making their own? PM me!!!! I just want techniques. Also, you can only ever seem to find testosterone structures, I don't mean to get ahead of myself...
  6. MisterSuperGod

    MSG labs - Intro

    Introducing MSG labs. No, not MisterSuperGod labs. That would be a silly name. Instead, it stands for Mega Stupendous Gear labs. i am aware that today is not Friday, but should i punish all of you fine folks by following this made up by some jerk rule by not allowing you faster access to my...
  7. G

    Dark blue tops hgh

    I am about to buy the dark blue top hgh from bulldog. This will be my first hgh cycle. Was wondering if this product is legit or is it shit?
  8. A


    hey guys i need some advice here. Im a 29 year old with past hx of aas use, ran about 6-7 cycles all relatively light just test usually under 400 mg and no longer than 12 weeks. no issues with gyno or anything of that sort. every cycle i have recovered well with hcg blast 1000-1500 coupled with...
  9. P

    Alliance Healthcare Pakistan

    As far as I am aware this is an UGL based in Pakistan it is not the true Alliance Healthcare pharma company based in U.K. Got some prop amps, anyone had any experience with their gear, is it g2g?
  10. bigrobbie

    Effectiveness of underground

    I am wondering if anyone has anything good to say about any of the UGL's posting? For example Bronze Labs or Elite Labs, both have threads I have read but is there anyone who has even used them or any like them posting in this subforum.... If we have any diamonds in the rough we should post...
  11. AlphaLife

    Pharmacom Test C250 Labs

    I know lab work is controversial here at Meso (everything is). So take these for what they are, ONE MEMBER'S blood work. Everyone reacts differently. I usually look for 10x last pin as a good result for my body. Running 500mg e3d with NPP 100mg e3d. Blood drawn 3 days after last pin (pin...
  12. F

    Mid-cycle blood work, looking for suggestions

    Hi guys. I was hoping someone could take a quick look at my bloods and let me know if they would make any adjustments. The mid-cycle bloods were taken 48 hours after my first pin of week 6. Some basic info: 500mg test e per week (2x250). Taking exemestane at 12.5mg/day. I am erring on the side...
  13. M

    Mid cycle blood work help :(

    My iron brothers. Can anyone shed some light on my lab results. I am a bit confused on specific values. I'm currently on 300mg Test C/W, 4 IU HGH daily, T4 100mcg daily, and Pramipexole 1mg split daily. The following values I would like some help on. TSH 8.374 (.45-4.5) T4 6.1 (4.5-12.0) T3...
  14. Tom

    SZOB--Chinese Spring Festival Holidays arrangement:

    SZOB--Chinese Spring Festival Holidays arrangement: Happy Spring Festival Holidays, everyone!! May the best to you and your family! We will take a 10 days off from 20170123--20170203. All the delivery will be stopped by 20170122 till 20170204. Thanks again for all your support during the last...
  15. Tom

    How to test the purity and quality of DECA raw material?

    Nandrolone Decanoate contains not less than 97.0 percent and not more than 103.0 percent of C28H44O3 , calculated on the dried basis. Packaging and storage— Preserve in tight, light-resistant containers, and store in a refrigerator. USP Reference standards 11 — USP Nandrolone RS .USP...
  16. Tom

    Raws source from

    My last thread was gone and this one is to share you the comments from the sample order or any other suggestions. Hope this one will be without onslaught and bring the ones something good who really want the raws.
  17. Dhulk72

    Hormone blood work panel for PHARMACOM labs gear

    Taken 5 weeks into testosterone cycle. LH/FHS shutdown along with the sky high testosterone level equates to real gear. Pharmacom is no joke (obviously)
  18. John White


    Which LABS are using compounds by and from USA. Seriously USA where you at?!?
  19. John White

    Best Brand/Lab Money Can Buy For All Around Cycle?

    Upon doing extensive research it clear that everyone has an OPINION as to what they'd prefer but I also noticed that money always played a pivotal role in said persons opinions. I also see that one lab gets praises by some and insults by others or even praises one day and insults the next by...
  20. K

    Low FSH, LH, Test results

    I just got my labs done and here are my results. Here is some of my info: Did a cycle (my first and only one) starting April 28th. I used Euro Stack 500 which consisted of 125mg Trenbolone Enanthate 125mg Drostanolone Enanthate 125mg Testosterone Phenylpropionate 125mg Testosterone Decanoate...