low libido

  1. J

    Low E2 levels mid cycle

    Just got my blood work back mid cycle and my E2 levels had dropped quite a bit. Here some info about me and then cycle: Age:28 Weight:208 Cycle: 250mgs test e x 2x per week (Monday, Friday) Currently on week 5 and have some slight sides including: testicular atrophy, loss of libido, itchy...
  2. P

    POST SSRI low libido recommendations, PLEASE HELP!

    Hey Gents, This is my first time posting, was wondering if some of you hormone gurus could assist me in shedding light on fixing my low libido /ED predicament. Can someone take a look at my labs below and provide their take or any recommendations they would pursue please? I took...
  3. Nicolaus

    Ready to take the next step. Please help

    Hello all I have been looking into anabolic steroids for about a few years now, well not consistently and I want to take my body to the next level. I got my lab work done and I have low testosterone, low fsh, and low lh levels. Very low actually, too embarassed to share with the public. Which...
  4. H

    Testicles desensitised due to HCG blast (low sperm volume, weak erection)

    My cycle history is a 12 week cycle of just test e in 2014 and in 2015. I had my serum test levels checked after both cycles: After 1st cycle (24/07/14): 21nmol/L After 2nd cycle (08/06/15): 17nmol/L I had in my head I had not fully recovered so last month after some research I started a...
  5. A

    Low Libido after Cycle/High Natty Test

    30 yrs of age, been lifting 10 yrs or so. I did 500 mg a week of test enanthate for 9 weeks. No AI, nothing else in the cycle. Gained 15 lbs. Around the 7th or 8th week I got ED big time. I came off after week 9. Waited 2 weeks and started a natural PCT of Unleahsed and Testron for a month. I...