1. KingPin42

    Contest Prep

    Yo guys I've been MIA for awhile (thank Uncle Sam for that) and I'm ready for my next cycle. I will be competing in a show this April and here is my cycle. I have never ran Tren before so I am looking for help with dosage. I thought about adding in Anavar but thought that would be too many...
  2. D.bagg

    Test E + Tren A + Mast P Dosage

    Hey Meso, Stats: Height: 6’2 Age: 24 Weight:195lbs Bf%:12 Experience:10 years training (4 years cycling) I’ve been cycling for about 4 years and I’ve done around 6 cycles. However, This cycle that I have started now will consist of a Tren A 100mg, Mast P 100mg/ml mix. As well as Test E that...
  3. VasodiL8

    Test, Deca, Dbol cycle

    Alright fellas, looking forward to start my next cycle i believe i hve everything i need and just need the thumbs up from the boys before i start. Looking for a good bulk from this cycle and will be eating 4-5k cals a day. Test E weeks 1-12 @ 500 mg pw Deca weeks 1-10 @ 300 mg pw Dbol weeks 1-4...
  4. S

    Summer time lean bulk cycle

    Hey guys just wanted to get some opinions on my next cycle I'm about to start up next month. The goal is to always add some size while maintaining low bf. So keep the abs and add some good quality size. Stats: 6'4 226lbs at about 10-12% body fat. I can see the veins on my stomach over my abs...
  5. E

    Changing my cycle this week - Thoughts on doses and a couple of questions

    Hi, Im around 8 weeks out from my competition (Mens physique) and for the last 8 weeks im gonna change a couple of things in my cycle. I've been running 500mg test E ew / 600mg mast p eod for the last 8 weeks with 60mg tbol for the first 6 weeks aswell. Also eating Aromasin 12.5mg eod. For my...
  6. J007

    Brovice Needed Please Re: Get Jacked Blast Cycle

    Wazzup Meso Fam! I would greatly appreciate your input on any suggestions with my upcoming blast 10-12 wk cycle program. GOAL: Wanna get Jacked with some lean gains/tighten up and grow some! STATS: lifting/cycling gear half my 42 years, 5"9 230lbs w/BF around 15%. I've been on TRT for past 8...