1. AlphaPitTD

    Help Diagnosing Hamstring Injury (first hand experience)

    So yesterday i was deadlifting doing my warm up sets when i got to 455lbs and was going to bust it out for a quick 3 then move up. I felt strong as hell and was going to go over 100lbs heavier than that. Looking back i feel like a total dipshit because i havent deadlifted in 6 months and im...
  2. R

    Losing body fat/Gaining muscle

    I see this question quite a lot, but no one ever gives a straight answer, so here goes. On a Test C only cycle at 400mg a week, if my diet is in check and calories are on point at about a 5-10% surplus, is it possible to gain muscle whilst losing abit of body fat? Even if the fat loss is...
  3. A

    Tren not the right steroid profile for me?

    So a little background. I am 5'6" and weigh 165. Bodyfat is around 8-10%. This is my third cycle, my first was Test E @ 500 mg / week. Second was Test E @ 600 mg / week + EQ 400 mg / week Now a year later, I decided to do a Test P and Tren A cycle. I have read multiple things about Tren...

    High Protein Bugs?

    Hi there, new to the forum. I was reading some reviews at Cricket Powder Protein that was recommending, as the name suggests, using protein powder made from CRICKETS to support muscle growth! Have any of you guys/girls heard anything about this? If so, does it taste weird? I'd love to hear...
  5. Gbaby12

    Thoughts on Dropsets

    I recently just started throwing drop sets randomly into my workout and I like it, I get an awsome pump. Usually I work 3 sets to failure with a weight I can do 6reps of but no more then 10. All I've done is train fast twitch muscle fibers and I believe by throwing in these dropsets I'll get...
  6. P

    New Cycle!

    Starting a 12 week cycle using PharmaCom products, its leaning towards being a cutting and shredding cycle. (I pin 6 days a week) Im looking at running this: Test Prop; 50mg ED, 300 weekly Tren Ace : 50mg ED, 300 weekly for 4 weeks 75mg ED, 450 Weekly for next 4 weeks...
  7. Tom

    Raws source from

    My last thread was gone and this one is to share you the comments from the sample order or any other suggestions. Hope this one will be without onslaught and bring the ones something good who really want the raws.
  8. R

    TRT muscle gains

    i have been lifting weights for almost 17 years and recently started TRT using compounded testosterone cream. I am on 200mg applied 2x a day and my lab results came out as follow: Total testosterone 905.8 ng/dl (ref range 249-836 ng/dl) Free testosterone 234.88 pg/ml (ref range 30-150 ng/dl)...
  9. T

    Poor Gains on Cycle and What to Do

    All, I started my cycle a month and a half ago - Test E 250, Deca 250 (Nandrolone Decanoate), and Dianabol. A little more than a week into the cycle, I was at the doctor's office for an unrelated matter, and my blood pressure was at an unhealthy level and my heart rate was the highest that...
  10. F

    cycle dianabol / primobolan help and thinks

    hi everyone im going to post my cycle.. if have all products starts 4 january 2016... 22, 1.81cm, 188lb, bff 12-15% visibles abs dianabol 15mg/ED 1-5 week primobolan tabs 75mg/ed 1-5 week proviron 25mg/ed 1-5 week nolvadex 10mg/ ed 1-5 week clomid 6-8 week would take them like this: - 15 mg...