1. naps

    NapsGear.Net - reviews

    Good old MESO! My first board. Hello everyone! You are welcome to post your napsgear reviews here guys. Also, if there are any question or issues to take care of, I will be always here ready to assist. PM me or post it in this thread. Best regards naps
  2. MisterSuperGod


    No, i'm not here to discuss the shit bag Moldovan source by the same name. My question is in regards to taking naps during the day. Is there any evidence, be it anecdotal or scientific, that taking a 2-3 hour nap during the day, on top of the "average" 8 hours of sleep at night, would result in...
  3. BigJohn

    Is Napsgear gtg?

    I've been doing some reading on these guys, they seem pretty good, got a lot of good reviews and are a top source on eroids, anyone have any experience
  4. BigJohn

    Anyone heard of NapsGear?

    I was looking for some good gear and my buddy told me these guys have some premium shit. I hear they're domestic and really secure with customer info and their shipping methods. Also they're on eroids so they must be good. Their prices are kinda high but I guess that's what you expect for the...
  5. Cramps88

    Test E/NPP cycle

    So today I am starting my first proper cycle. I stupidly messed around when I was younger and did not know what I was doing. I'm really lucky I did not fuck myself up. Recently did some studying and my good personal friend helped me with my planning. He has quite a bit of experience with aas and...
  6. W

    1Napsgear Review

    Anyone who has ever been weary of Napsgear or Geneza products, scare no more! My first and only shipment so far came in within 11 days of ordering. I got Test E, Exemestane and Anavar. All were legit. Just thought I'd share my experience for people that are hesitant. Test was the best I've had...