1. M

    Which Brand is Best at

    Hey guys, I’ve bought several cycles from naps and used Geneza Pharmesuticals each time. I’m most likely going to go with them again unless someone recommends a better brand. Only other brand I’m considering is Pharmacom right now. Any suggestions or anecdotes? I’m buying a Test E, Mast, and...
  2. naps

    NapsGear.Net - reviews

    Good old MESO! My first board. Hello everyone! You are welcome to post your napsgear reviews here guys. Also, if there are any question or issues to take care of, I will be always here ready to assist. PM me or post it in this thread. Best regards naps
  3. BigJohn

    Is Napsgear gtg?

    I've been doing some reading on these guys, they seem pretty good, got a lot of good reviews and are a top source on eroids, anyone have any experience
  4. BigJohn

    Anyone heard of NapsGear?

    I was looking for some good gear and my buddy told me these guys have some premium shit. I hear they're domestic and really secure with customer info and their shipping methods. Also they're on eroids so they must be good. Their prices are kinda high but I guess that's what you expect for the...
  5. Corinthians

    naps gear review

    Hello i only want to share my experience with NapsGear for that people who dont trust in naps or want to change his dealer. I ordered 3 times almost and no problems. All gear i purchase is Geneza, i dont trust in anything else. If i use it and is good why change? . Test enanthate is awesome, the...
  6. B

    Napsgear first bulking cycle. Test Tren Anadrol HGH

    I ran test p 100 mg, tren a 100 mg, anadrol 75 mg, blue top HGH 5 iu. All products were GP. This is way too harsh for a first time user and eventually had to cut the cycle short due to me being and idiot. Beginning stats 215 lb bodyweight, 315 bench, 365 squat, 495 deadlift. Final stats 230 lb...
  7. L

    Thoroughly impressed with Napsgear

    I recently put an order through for a bunch of the geneza pharmaceuticals t3, astralean clen, and some nolva/clomid. It was to complete a cycle for 2 girls and a guy (cycles obviously involved other stuff but we already had it). I was an idiot and didn't realize the products were only on sale...
  8. W

    1Napsgear Review

    Anyone who has ever been weary of Napsgear or Geneza products, scare no more! My first and only shipment so far came in within 11 days of ordering. I got Test E, Exemestane and Anavar. All were legit. Just thought I'd share my experience for people that are hesitant. Test was the best I've had...