1. gacela

    Natural supplements to increase testosterone levels?(recommendations / opinions)

    What natural supplements (not PEDs) are there reliable results of actually increasing testosterone levels? I would like to know different opinions and experiences of supplements of this type, for example: tribulus, ashwagandha, zma .. or supplements that are combinations of these or other...
  2. D

    Natty with HIGH SHBG

    Hey guys, I'm 29 165lb about 13% bf. I've been battling this brain fog/ libido issue for the past year. It just randomly came on one day. I went to get blood work and found out my test levels were 800+ but my SHBG is like 63.6 I've tried boron and I take vitamins. I'm about to hit 30 and...
  3. J

    Ready to Quit

    So recently, I have decided to quite juicing altogether and today marks the last day of my cycle. Which was 9 weeks of testosterone Acetate at 900mg. Testosterone acetate has a similar half life to prop, so wondering if waiting 10 days to start pct would be about right? Also in the 10 day window...