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  1. Mountainman385

    Semi-New to meso! Help me get involved?

    Hey guys! Been following me so and all the other forums for about 8 years or more but never signed up on any and participated until now. Decided to finally get involved in the community. Have done several cycles before, am a personal trainer and business owner as well. Show me the ropes of using...
  2. testme

    Newbie here

    Good afternoon guys, gals, Ts and Gs Ive been in the shadows watching and learning for quite sometime, finally decided to grow a pair and play with the big boys. Ive learned so much from you guys just by reading and learning from you guys. I havent pinned as of yet but I have my mojo and...
  3. Elistheman

    New member, long time reader

    Hello. I have been reading and following all kinds of threads here on meso. This is my first post but i have been a member since July of this year. I hope to contribute to threads if i have anything helpful to say, otherwise, silence is golden.
  4. AlphaPitTD

    New Member Introduction

    Hello Everyone. I would just like to introduce myself as i have not yet. I have been a member for the past month or so now just doing a lot of reading. You guys are funny and I'm really getting the idea of what you guys are about around here. That's about all I have to say for now. I will be...
  5. Jaypharma

    It's about time

    What's up Members of Meso? I converted to this forum after reading stuff on here that yall post for awhile. A few members already welcomed me after liking and replying to one of their post so thank you guys for that. I'm looking forward to contributing content when I can if I think it's...
  6. F

    Lurker to Member - Looking for advice low-T

    Been lurking the forum for a long time, learned a lot, finally think I've educated myself enough to join in on the fun. Never taken anything except general supplements Late 20s, mid 180s, 5'10", mid teens BF if guessing, good diet, good workout regime I got bloods taken and I'm looking for...
  7. TuTriX31

    New member

    Alright guys, been lurking for a while and reading up. Although I've already posted and clearly didn't read up enough so thanks to the people that posted in that thread. A little about me, been lifting for about 4 years started in 2012 (yes I can math but not really sure when I started)...
  8. Cramps88

    Just another new guy

    I worked out most of my life but around 30 I lost my discipline after I started my wonderful family. When I was younger I dabbled in gear mostly dbol and some oral not much and I was extremely lucky that I did not fuck my self up. I was steered here from a friend who reads and orders but is not...
  9. Antoine87

    First Cycle (newbie)

    Gonna be starting my first ever cycle soon, looking for advice in any area really. Im planning on 500mg of test enanthate a week (12 weeks or 10?) and also getting nolvadex for PCT and if side effects kick off from the oestrogen. In terms of PCT ive heard mixed things about whether nolva is...
  10. Armani212

    Uprising from Toronto

    Hey everyone, My name glad to have finally joined! Im 26 from Toronto, Canada. I've been weight lifting for about 10 years and I can say really bodybuilding for the last 3 years. I was a national level competitor in martial arts until injuries disabled me from training at such high degree...
  11. PeterDoukas

    Introduction // Advice

    Hello fellow comrades, been reading forums on here for a while now and finally decided to get off my lazy ass and actually make an account. I'm just your typical financial advisor by day, gym rat by night. Based out of Tampa, train at the local powerhouse if anybody here happens to be local...
  12. AnabolicChicken

    New old guy looking for the fountain of youth.

    To adhere to basic forum etiquette here is my new member post. I'm a 43 yr old Canadian dude who loves to workout. I've only just started down the Vitamin S road, or STEROIDS as my girlfriend likes to correct me. I have always told myself I would start taking AAS as soon as I hit 40, but I...
  13. DieselDaltron2020

    New member!! What's up MesoRx!! Looking for some advice, experience and GAINS !! Drop a line if you!

    I'm new to the forum after running around on a few others, evo being one and I cannot help but think how crazy this internet pushing and scamming is now! So a little background on myself ... From Tampa Florida, anybody in the state say something! I travel alot!! I went from a fat boy to fit...
  14. Geterdun

    New Member

    Just wanted to say hello and thank everyone for doing what's right on a forum. Spent yesterday reading for 16 straight hours to try and get the feel of Meso and I have to say, honestly, although cruel sometimes, is always the best cycle advice in my opinion. Ok, 44 years old, 6'-2" 215, about...
  15. B

    second cycle results

    okay just a quick background, I'm 22 years old and was always a hardgainer because of my diet now I realize. I know I'm young but the decision to make this jump to AS was mine to make and I thought long and hard before I did it. First cycle was 9 weeks of sust. The first 4 weeks I was at 250...
  16. JaggaJatt

    New here

    Hello everyone, Finally decided it was about time to join a solid board and learn about and take part in the AAS community. Looking very forward to being here!

    Football player cycle

    Hey Men, I am a Senior who has competed in four Years of Division 1 college football at the higher level. I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to receiving a Division 1 scholarship and now I am here in my final season after redshirting my first year to a All-American Guard. In High...
  18. M

    Introducing myself

    hello all New to this form looking to learn as much as possible with the help of this form. I am a noob lol I'm looking to build knowledge of gear before my first attempt at it. I'm 6'3 184 lbs looking to build lean muscle mass and strength. Any advice on the basic 101 to understand will help !
  19. H

    I'm new.

    Hello MESO! I'm Hyperbola, and I've joined the forum so I can read about vendors and customer buying experiences, as well as to learn more about the various products that are in use today. I chose MESO, because the threads I read beforehand seemed both useful and informative, and I was able to...